What clients are saying about the impact and quality of California Business Journal

Daniel Badran, Chairman/CEO, Minimise USA/Minimise Global:  “I write today to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing job done by CBJ on both articles relating to my company – Minimise USA/Minimise Global. As I write this letter, to mind comes the last article ‘Turning the energy-service sector upside down’. Judd Spicer, the article’s author, went above and beyond not only in understanding Minimise’ unique value proposition but also in conveying it to your readership. Frankly, I could not have done a better job of it myself. The accuracy, pinpoint detail and the in-depth in journalistic pride and integrity. As such, we have not only received numerous congratulatory calls about the excellent publicity but are in fact entertaining at least one major transaction which is a direct result of the CBJ article.” Read the Minimise article here. 

Joe Aaron, CEO, Third Round Analytics Capital.  “It was an unbelievable experience working with California Business Journal.  This was the first time we’ve been interviewed.  Our business –Venture Capital — is so complicated. We were wondering how long will it take to educate CBJ reporter Susan Belknapp — and how much time will we have to dedicate to correct what she wrote. Susan came unbelievably  prepared. Clearly she had studied the deck we had given her. Her questions were spot on. About half way into the interview my partner asked her how many venture capital firms had she worked with or interviewed in the past. She said none. The line went silent. We were certain she only covered VC. Not the case. How could someone look at a few slides in a deck and converse as if they regularly covered the business? Three days later, we were reading a story that my mother could understand and my fellow venture capitalist could only envy. While I know it happened, I still can’t believe it happened. These guys are  great.” Read the TRAC article here.

Dr. Moreen Rubin: “California Business Journal is incredible. Leslie Hughes, the writer who worked on my story, was personable, knowledgeable, dependable and asked terrific questions. She without a doubt communicated my message perfectly. The editing, writing and final product was excellent. I would recommend CBJ to any business looking to get some press. My business went up double after marketing this high quality article. Thanks to the team for doing such a great job. ”  Read the article on Dr. Rubin here.

Thomas Celerier, Slalom Consulting: “Editor Rick Weinberg and writer Dana Sullivan Kilroy have been great to partner with from A to Z, making it an easy process to engage with them, review and get the interview article ready for publication. They interacted and build content in a very iterative manner, and listened with empathy to uncover valuable traits and stories to tell the readers. In addition, they are very proactive and super responsive, sharing their advice and experience to raise online visibility through multiple channels. I highly recommend working with Rick and the CBJ Team for your impactful publication.” Read Thomas Celerier’s article.

Jim Damian, CEO, Stria: “Working with California Business Journal was exceptional.  Their superb writers and wide distribution network helped Stria increase website traffic and brand awareness.  Our story is more popular than ever and Rick and the team at California Business Journal have helped make this happen.  We can’t wait to accomplish more good work so we can do more articles with CBJ.” Read the article on Stria here.

Binh Phan, Co-Founder, Cloud Bros.: “We posted our CBJ article on LinkedIn and it’s been a real hit. We’ve received 4,500 views in one day on LinkedIn alone. Thanks so much for such an awesome article that captured our company’s background and vision.” Read the Cloud Bros. article here.

Vito Glazers, CEO, One World: “In my many years working in digital media and publishing, I have rarely found as great a person to collaborate with than Rick Weinberg of California Business Journal.  He is transparent, reliable and consistent.  His journalists are equally as great. When I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by CalBizJournal, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience was great. The article was the best I could have asked for and brought me a lot of opportunities.” Read Vito’s article here.

Steve Oshins, CEO, Oshins & Associates: “Rick Weinberg and his team are so amazing!  The article they wrote and published about me and my law firm was fabulous!  They captured the key points that I tried to convey and wove them into a wonderful story.  Not only was the article great, but they were on time, they did what they said they would do and they showed me that they really cared about making sure that I was happy with the finished product before it went live.  I can’t say enough about how great my experience was.” Read Steve’s article here.

Scott Mader, CEO, AseptiScope: “Our experience with CalBizJournal was great.  Not just once but TWICE. The CBJ team understands how to make the experience easy seamless process, skilled journalists, editors, design experts, ad placement, and more.  Engaging us from start to finish has ensured accuracy and message consistency, resulting in a professional, polished, and optimized deliverables.” Read the first article on AseptiScope here. Here is the second article.

David Dorfman, CEO, Sesh:  “The interview we did with California Business Journal was one of the best press experiences we’ve had as a start up.  They were professional and willing to help us get our best story into their publication.  After the story went live they were quick to assist us in making sure we could share it with our network and helped us make a last minute correction.  We got great exposure and we’re extremely satisfied with the whole process.” Read Sesh article here. 

Michael McNeely, Ph.D., President & CEO, GattaCo Inc. “Thank you again for the wonderful article you published about GattaCo. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Susan Belknapp. Her knowledge of our field and ability to weave in current events together with related developments in our area provided a level of understanding and appreciation of what we are doing that was easily communicated and understood by readers that we have received feedback from. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome! I will definitely recommend the opportunity of working with you to my colleagues who are seeking a similar boost. Read GattaCo article here.

Ron Flavin, CEO,  Flavin Inc. “I was so pleased with the quality of the article Rick wrote about me and my business. The article was not only very well written, but it was also written in a way that made readers want to know more about my business and how I could help them achieve their goals. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and painless. Before our phone interview, Rick had already done his homework on me and knew just the right questions to ask. The entire process couldn’t have been easier and I was incredibly pleased with the results.” Read Ron Flavin’s article here.

Dr. J. Mitchell Perry: “Thanks very much for your ongoing effort to make this article happen. To give you an idea of the response so far after just two days: On one Facebook site we have received 100+ reactions and 40+ messages that are very positive. On another Facebook site, I have received 140+ new connections with many positive messages. On LinkedIn, there are already comments coming in, and we have yet to promote this in a big way. Further, we are going to promote this article on our own mailing list plus additional select mailings. THIS IS ALL GREAT STUFF. Many thanks. Cheers, JMP. Read article here.

Steve Syatt, SSA PR: “California Business Journal is a prestigious and effective online platform for sharing corporate news developments and information that holds significance to its impressive c-suite readership. Our clients have benefitted in both key areas of branding and B2B development from their California Business Journal coverage. The business of California is well chronicled in the digital pages of California Business Journal and I look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with this outstanding media outlet for a long time to come.”

Mark Convery, CEO, CoCo Vodka/CoCo Rum: “Rick, thank you again for the fantastic article.  We enjoyed the whole process with you, and felt you took a very professional approach to telling our story.  Thanks for asking some challenging questions during the interview and thanks for thoughtfully writing the article in a way that captures the essence of CoCo and our story.  In fact, both Av and I have gone back numerous times to re-read the article.  One of the best. We would highly recommend any company to you and your team. Read the article here.

Leanna Todd: “I have been a calbizjournal.com fan for months now. My favorite thing about your site is the way you inspire your readers through innovative and informative content.”

Lara Rosales, Otter PR: “We have been working with California Business Journal for a year now. The magazine’s submission process has been easy and accessible every time, with a great response time! They publish everything within a day of our submissions, which makes our jobs much easier. They have always been good to accommodate any difficulties. It’s been a pleasure to work with this team!”

Attorney Michael Ahmadshahi: “Rick’s article about me and my law firm was not only a pleasant surprise, but it far exceeded my expectations. When Rick contacted me about the interview, I wasn’t sure how it would end up. But when we sat in our conference room and chatted about my background, the practice, and how I contribute to the community, everything just flowed smoothly. That’s what Rick brings to the table. He makes you comfortable about expressing your thoughts and how that information can be used for the good of your business. I highly endorse Rick for his talents and enthusiasm.” Read Michael’s article here.

Andrew Karigan, President, Karigan Residential Group: “I want to express my great appreciation in regards to the article that was written about me in the California Business Journal.  Rick Weinberg and his editorial staff are true professionals and made the process of formulating the article to be very streamlined and easy.  Their approach in capturing the essence of my background, both personally and professionally, was very impressive.  I have received amazing feedback with regards to the article and the strategic audience that it reached.  I am greatly pleased overall.” Read article here.

Shri Iyer:  “I’ve read a few articles of yours on CalBizJournal and love the simplicity and authenticity of the stories. From Dr Andrea Yaley’s dental practice to Steve Smith’s Growth Source Coaching, your articles cover a broad spectrum of industries. No matter whether we work together or not, I’m honored to have connected with you.”

Debra Corley, President, Tulifts: “I want to thank California Business Journal for the wonderful article that was written on my company Tulifts. Starting a company from scratch — inventing a product, branding the company, then launching it — is very difficult. I was so impressed with how easy —  and so eloquently — California Business Journal covered every aspect of my journey. My interview was done with so much care, making sure my product was completely explained to California Business Journal’s readers. The interview and article perfectly covered Tulifts’ journey from inception to first sale. The article has reached hundreds of thousands of readers and that is a pretty amazing first start when introducing a new brand and technology. Not only did the article help generate sales, but some amazing business contacts, and some amazing pending opportunities that may not have happened if not for the exposure California Business Journal gave Tulifts.  Read article here.

Thomas Willingham, President, The Hampton Group: When Rick Weinberg of California Business Journal reached out to me about an article featuring my business, I was hesitant.  I had never been interviewed for a publication before plus I was struggling with defining a clear message around the breadth of services my firm provides. Rick and his writer, Eve Gumpel, quickly eased my concerns and stepped me through an enjoyable interview process.  The finished article is outstanding and truly captures the essence of my business.  I now have a solid marketing piece that I am proud to share with prospective clients. Read article here.

Scott Bushaw, Founder, HÄNS Swipe-Clean: “Rick Weinberg wrote a terrific and insightful piece about our company, HÄNS Swipe-Clean. He was incredibly enthusiastic about our company’s journey and growth and it really mattered to him to get our individual voice across in the piece. He was more than professional and had all of the right questions to really get to the bottom of how our company started, what trials and tribulations we had been through and our vision for the future.” Read article here.

Dr. Andrea Yaley:  “I love the article you wrote on our dental practice. It is  beautifully written.  I really appreciate the time you spent writing the article. Thank you so much for featuring our office. This is such a big deal for us! We are already starting to circulate the article around the community!” Read the article here.

Ray Olmo, Managing Director, Trust-CFO: Working with Rick Weinberg was a unique — and great — process. He was instantly able to determine our value proposition in the marketplace to know that our work has substantial value for Californians so pressed to make sure we got the exposure.  More importantly, Rick was able to interview us and translate our world for the consumer to understand and tell the story so that it became more clear and exciting.  We received major inbound views (over 1500 in 30 days) and direct inquiries, and was able to capture clients we would not have otherwise reached, which kicked up our monthly revenue business by nearly 10%.  Thanks Rick for your genuine concern for our business and the California community at large.   You are the glue for critical business education. Read Trust-CFO article here.

Igor Shalkevich, President, Cloudtrek: “I highly recommend Rick and his writing abilities. The article he wrote for our company was extremely well thought out and put together. He took the time to truly understand our core business and how it differentiated from the rest of the services out there. His professionalism and timeliness goes without saying. If you are considering looking for a great editor to truly put into words what your company or product is and does, I would most definitely recommend Rick for honest and well written write ups. Rick has helped our business reach more people in a meaningful way than most advertising firms can.” Read Cloudtrek article here.

Sheldon Singleton, President, Robotic Financial Concepts: “I want to thank Rick Weinberg for doing an excellent job on interviewing Kim Butler and I on our philosophy and business. His article is very impressive and it added additional credibility to our business from being published in a professional business journal. Kim mentioned the piece on her podcast and we both added it on our websites to be reviewed. What’s also excellent and beneficial about the piece on our business is that I give the article to my clients and potential clients for them to review and understand our business philosophy. Rick’s professional journalism comes through in the article and I recommend him to anyone who wants to have their business published.” Read article here.

Colleen McNamee, President, McNamee Mediations: “I have done a number of interviews for a variety of media platforms and I have to say that my interview with Rick set itself apart from any other interview I have ever done before. It was obvious from the start that Rick had really done his research. He asked thoughtful, probing questions that got me to open up and discuss things that may not have naturally come to the forefront of my mind, especially in an interview-style situation. It was clear Rick had researched my profession, as it is still not commonly known about or understood, as well as my business itself, so we were able to transition from one topic to the next seamlessly, highlighting everything that was important. His years of experience in journalism and strong skill set made working with him a pleasure and made my resulting article something I could be proud of.” Read the article here

Paul Pacun, CEO, vablet: “Rick was a pleasure to work with. He came to our office, asked insightful questions after learning our about company, synthesized the hour long conversation into a fluid and engaging article, interviewed our customers and even added graphics from our web site so the matched our brand.” Read vablet’s article here. 

Sandeep Shah, Attorney, Shah Sheth LLC, Costa Mesa, Calif. “I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rick Weinberg to discuss his interest in writing a story about me and my law firm – Shah Sheth LLP – for California Business Journal.  I have never been interviewed previously in my career, let alone had a story written about me and/or my law firm.  However, knowing about Rick’s extensive and prestigious background in print and television media, I had no reservations about meeting with Rick. He has an amazing style.  He asks questions, but lets you “talk” and tell your “story.”  Once we got going, Rick’s poignant questions made it very easy to tell my story.  He recorded it all, and then a few days later showed me a copy of the story that he had put together from our interview.

Needless to say, I was blown away by the grace with which he was able to take my words and weave them into an elegant tale about me for which even I was surprised and excited to read. Rick’s vast experience as a writer was on display and it was easy to see that experience and expertise come through so eloquently on the pages that he had written.  His hard work and talents are apparent in every story that he writes.

Once Rick’s article about me and my law firm went “live” on his website and on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, I immediately began receiving comments, posts, likes, and questions from numerous individuals who had read the article. In fact, the day after the article was posted, a new client contacted me to say that she was about to hire another law firm, but once she read my article, she wanted to come and meet with me first.  Later that day, I met with the client, and she retained my law firm immediately….all due to Rick’s article. I cannot thank Rick enough for his fantastic article about me and my law firm.  He is an amazing writer and it absolutely showed. Read Sandeep Shah’s story here

Matt Larson, CEO, Promontory Investments: Thank you for the fabulous article you wrote about myself and my business. Since the article was published, we have received a substantial amount of praise from our current investors, friends and family. There is always a need for individuals to invest their hard earned savings into safe secure investments with a trusted partner. This article helped those that I had prior relationships with that were unsure, take a step forward with us in confidence. The way you articulated and designed the article was very easy to follow and informative. Click here to read the article on Matt Larson.

Jeff Moses, Chief Marketing Officer, PowerOne Corp.:  Thank you for your recent feature article covering PowerOne Corporation (“Power Play”) in the California Business Journal. The response to the piece has been exceptional, both internally and by the investment community. Your ability to clearly communicate our company’s value proposition to our audience is tremendous. Just this morning I learned of two new investors who decided to participate in our offering based on the article. I highly recommend the California Business Journal to any firm seeking to enhance their exposure, reputation or visibility to the investment community. We value your professionalism, writing acumen, and, most importantly, your ability to tell our story in a way that makes perfect sense to readers.  Read PowerOne Corp. story here

Charlie Duncheon, CEO, Celltrio: “We at Celltrio had a very positive experience with the interviews and subsequent article with the California Business Journal. They not only made the process easy and seamless but they made some new positive observations about Celltrio’s business model and strategy. We have gotten many positive responses on social media on the report.. Read the Celltrio article here.

Reader Daniel Hunter: “I just read your CBJ piece on Adnan Shennib and iHEAR. I wanted to express my appreciation for a well crafted read, as well as your attention to the real story being Adnan’s character. It’s not often stories capture the heart of the entrepreneur beyond the business-as-usual celebration of ambition and competitive fervor. Well done.” Read iHEAR article  here.

Hayden Hammerling, Real Goods and Solar living Center: On behalf of my team (and my boss) I want to thank you for the fantastic article and the great buzz it generated! I am a local celebrity because of you writing prowess. Read article here

Steve Smith, Growth Source Coaching: “I just wanted to acknowledge you again for the article you wrote about me and my coaching business. It’s the best marketing piece I have.”

Steve Gambhir, President, Ergo 21: “We were very fortunate in working with Rick Weinberg in our marketing efforts to get our story out in the media. Rick took a great amount of time in researching our business, making a recording of our interview and reviewing our website to come up with a great story about our Ergo 21 Seat Cushions. His quality of work demonstrates his vast amount of experience he has in this field. Read Ergo21 story here. 

Chad Beauchamp, CEO, REPAIR Sports Institute: “It has always been my passion and dream to own my own business. One of the challenges has been how to get my unique and exciting brand out to the world. When I met Rick, it immediately got me excited to chat with him and tell him my story. The process was enjoyable discussing my business plan with Rick and once again got me excited about my path to success. The end result was more than I could ever have expected and made me very grateful to show my friends and family. California Business Journal and Rick Weinberg get 5 stars. Read article here.

Jevon Perra, President, Perra Loans: “I am very pleased with the article Rick Weinberg wrote on me and my business. Normal people don’t normally get the chance to have a highly-experienced writer take their life experience and turn it into an intriguing story that others would want to read. Even better, Rick was able to help translate the unique areas of my life into a convincing storyline. It was a lovely medley of life and business.” Read article here. 

Guillermo Cornejo, Owner, Riders-Share.com:  “Rick’s article was very eloquent and made the story of my company a lot more compelling than I thought was possible. The process was fast and easy, and the interview technique captured elements of the story I did not know were so important.” See Riders-Share article here

Linda Lewis, ReverseWithLinda.com: “Before I even got to know Rick, I spoke with a couple of his raving fans. They were very enthusiastic about his talent as a journalist and loved working with him. Rick displays incredible enthusiasm about his business. He strongly believes everyone has a story. I could hardly wait to have him write an article for me. I am very impressed with the results and anxious to share the article. It has already received several very positive comments. Rick was great to work with and he made the process very easy.” Read Linda Lewis’ story here

Chris Steely, Founder, Managing Director and President, GPS Business Group: Rick Weinberg wrote an amazing article on me in California Business Journal that completely exceeded my expectations. Rick is easy to work with. He distills and publishes amazing content very quickly and effectively. Read story here.

Pascale Rothman, CEO, UEvolution: “Rick Weinberg is a very personable and gregarious writer, editor and reporter. He made me and the rest of the UEvolution staff and members feel totally comfortable sharing their personal stories and goals. The well-written, truthful article he wrote about UEvolution captures the essence of what we have and will continue to create in the fitness and wellness industry.” Read UEvolution story

Albert Alan Aizin, President of Advanced Planning Financial: “In life, it is truly rare when you meet a person who is more passionate about your business than you are. Rick is one of those individuals. During the interview, I was impressed with the quality of questions he asked as well as his excitement and enthusiasm about our business. He cared and wanted to understand what sets us apart from other Wealth Advisory Firms. Rick is one of the best reporters and writers we have ever worked with. We highly recommend him for any company looking to increase their footprint or create a buzz surrounding their business. Rick is well informed and knows the right questions to ask in order to make a good story GREAT! He is a quality individual and a person of high integrity. Rick, we look forward to having you write another story about our firm in the future. Your hard work was much appreciated!” Read Albert’s story here

Vickie Wong, artist: “Rick came highly recommended to me as a writer. I didn’t know what to expect when I had Rick do a story on me and my sister and our artwork. We had never been interviewed before. But Rick, in his professional style, came so prepared for the interview and asked us in-depth, provocative, insightful questions that really made us think. His questions elicited some thoughtful comments from me and my sister that Rick worked perfectly into his story. We were shocked when we read the story and saw the design of the article. It was amazing. We were blown away. The article could not have been written better had it appeared in the New York Times, LA Times or some of the high-end luxury magazines in the area like Coast Magazine and Riviera Magazine. Which isn’t a surprise since Rick worked for the New York Times. To say the least, we were very pleased with the story. The article was really important to me, too, because I wanted to have the memory of the artwork me and my sister created in words, not just in art.” Read Pop Shui story here

Claudine Maltese, owner, Maltese Catering: “Rick Weinberg’s story did wonders for my catering business. My business was just starting out when Rick did his story and it helped catapult my business to another level. It was like a B-12 shot. When people read the story Rick wrote, they were just blown away. I got new business right on the spot. [Prospective clients] didn’t even bother to look at someone else [another caterer]. They were so impressed with me and the way I was depicted in the story that they became clients right then and there. It was great. Without that story, my business would not be where it is today. There is no way I could have received the value with an ad versus the story. It worked out perfectly for me.” Read Claudine’s story here

Dennis Midden, owner, BrewBakers: “Rick was first person to ever do a story on BrewBakers — and since his story we’ve had articles in the LA Times, Orange County Register, FOX TV, KTLA Channel 5 and Orange Coast Magazine. And Rick’s article is easily the best of the bunch. I have it framed. He truly captured the essence and feel of BrewBakers. He went out of his way to write the best story possible to help me and my business grow. He came to BrewBakers several times to interview different people and really portrayed the beauty of what BrewBakers is all about. There is no way anyone could have written a better story on us.” Read BrewBaker’s story here

Cynthia Ferguson, Focal Point Imaging: “California Business Journal is a respected media source that provided our company that much more credibility when we share the article Rick wrote with our prospective clients. Rick is a pleasure to work with and he has excellent interview and writing skills. He brings a passion to business journalism that I appreciate it, and his follow-through skills are exceptional. I am pleased we met and the end result is a powerful marketing tool. It worked!” Read Focal Point story here

Teri Sawyer, T&Co. Marketing, PR & Social Media, www.TandCo.me: Rick, thank you again for the great article on Richard Franzi and his Critical Mass for Business CEO Peer Groups. Your article totally exceeded my expectations for the quality of content and your impactful writing style.  You captured Richard’s enthusiasm for his CEO groups, his unique ability to help CEOs through the power of peer learning, and his ability to apply his knowledge and experience having been in their shoes. Great job! Read Richard Franzi’s story

Faye Kitariev, M. A. author of Choreography of Awakening: “Rick Weinberg wrote an article about my business, myself and my book, Choreography of Awakening, for the California Business Journal. The article was very well-written and captured the message I wanted to share with the readers. It generated a great amount interest and praise from the readers as well. Rick is an insightful writer with a lot of experience, enthusiasm and positive energy. He grasps the essence of what your business is about and brings it forward in a way that is relevant to your audience. I highly recommend Rick’s service for the marketing needs of your business.” Read Faye Kitariev’s story here

Bob Pond, owner, CerTech Gels: “I was incredibly happy with the story Rick wrote for me on CerTech Gels. I could not have asked for a better article. Not only did Rick portray me well, but he also positioned the product perfectly, backed up with quotes from actual people who have used the product and watched it perform wonders right before their eyes.” Read CerTech Gel story here

Kris De La Pena, Associate VP, Ameriprise Financial Services: “Rick was a gem to work with. Not only did he make the process very easy on my end, but he was able to craft a masterful article that portrayed me in a favorable light. I would recommend anybody that has a story to tell or a service to sell to speak with Rick.”  Read Kris’ story here

Lee Garrard, President, Dance Masters of America: “I was astonished when I read Rick Weinberg’s story about Dance Masters of America. It was perfect — just the way I wanted it to come out. It could not have come out better. At the time, no one had written an article about us even though we had a great story to tell. I wanted to convey in the story that DMA certified teachers not only prepare students seeking professional dance careers through the highest-quality dance technique, but they also educate students in other areas of life. We give them a confidence and a presence that they do not receive elsewhere. Rick captured that ideally. His story gave us legitimacy — a stamp of approval. It was incredibly well-written.” Read Dance Master’s story here

Suzan Nascimento, co-owner of European Personal Chef, Inc.: “We were so impressed by Rick Weinberg when we met him that we just had to have him write a story about our business. He presented himself so well and professionally, and we were really impressed by his organization and knowledge of our industry. He showed he really did his homework before interviewing us. And he was so meticulous when interviewing us and going out of his way to interview some of our best clients. Those quotes wound up being some of the best in the article. He dug really deep in our backgrounds, too, and came up with great, insightful information when Julio was in the military in Portugal. I was surprised at the quality and depth of his questions. He wanted to know everything! Rick wound up writing a great story about us that really helped us in our business.” Read Euro Chef’s story here

Judy Slaton, manager, Purple Feet Winery:  “Rick Weinberg’s article on Purple Feet turned out wonderful! It was THE perfect story for us and it generated additional business for us immediately. We could not have asked for more. Rick is a first-class journalist and a very gifted writer and interviewer. He is so prepared it’s amazing. He is so passionate and enthusiastic about his work and his clients. He came to Purple Feet numerous times to interview us and our clients. He is very meticulous. He went will beyond our expectations and delivered a story that is priceless.” Read Purple Feet’s story here

John Mahoney, Vice President, Secular Funding: “Having spent my career in the mortgage loan industry, I knew first-hand that it would be near impossible to have a story ever written about my company. We had hired many different people and no one could get a story written about us, even though we had a unique, inspiring story to tell. So when I heard about Rick Weinberg, I knew he would be the ideal person to write an article about us. Even though we paid for the article, I knew it had tremendous value because of Rick’s journalism background. I knew we’d have a great article written on us. And we did. Rick’s article was unreal. He captured our unique story better than anyone could have. Some people frown upon paying for an article. I didn’t at all. We generated a tremendous amount of new business because of that article. It was well worth the investment. Our sales people utilized the story to help our business grow. When they gave it to people who were shopping for a mortgage or a refi, and they wound up choosing us many times because of that story.” Read John’s story here

Linda Langgle, California Community Colleges: “Rick did a fabulous job on the story he wrote about California Community Colleges and the training and educational programs we put together for local businesses. We didn’t know where to turn to promote and market these programs — then I met Rick Weinberg. And when I heard him discuss his journalism career and that he writes articles on all types of topics, it hit me — this is the way we can promote our programs … through a story written by Rick. And he wrote a magnificent article. He really captured what we had accomplished and the impact of the programs. Rick’s high-quality of writing really came through in the story. It’s no surprise he worked for the New York Times and FOX. He’s a terrific writer. There’s no way a better article would have been written, even if it was in the LA Times. The article really helped promote our program and create a nice buzz about it.” Read the story here

Barbara Delgleize, owner, Real Estate Management Services: “I met Rick a number of years ago when I was looking to do a magazine article about me and the success of my business. What I really appreciated about the article is that it was really written just as we discussed it. He made me feel that I was really heard. I believed if I felt this way so would my clients.”

Additional testimonials about Rick Weinberg’s Body of Work from ESPN and FOX to AP and the New York Times.

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Tom Riley, Executive Producer, ESPN: “Rick Weinberg is one of the best sports news-breaking reporters – and investigative reporters – I ever worked with. At FOX Sports, Rick was the best news-breaking reporter we had. He broke numerous major stories in his “Press Box Insider” segment, including Cal Ripken Jr.’s official move to third base and Mike Ditka being named Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints. Every week, it seemed, Rick was breaking another major story for FOX. As a feature and investigative reporter, Rick was one of the best. He conducted some of the most compelling and riveting interviews we aired at FOX. Some of the most provocative was Darryl Strawberry, Albert Belle, Kirby Puckett, Roberto Alomar, to name a few. He was the only reporter in the country getting exclusive interviews with Albert Belle, who was baseball’s biggest bad boy at the time. Rick was the only reporter Belle would talk to. Rick’s Darryl Strawberry interview had people in tears, not to mention Darryl himself. Rick is one of the most well-prepared and organized interviewers I ever worked with. He always did his research and had a list of questions that even surprised me.”


Tom Baldwin, Associated Press: “… In a long career filled with remarkable and compelling stories, Rick Weinberg provided me with one of my best tales. He was a junior at Suffolk University when he walked into AP to inquire about writing and reporting for us. We required everyone to take a writing test. When Rick finished, I poked my head into the room and told him we’d have his results in a week. One week later to the second, Rick showed up at my desk saying, “Mr. Baldwin, you said you’d have my test results in a week,”  and as he looked at the clock on the far wall, he turned back to me and said, “And it’s exactly one week right now.” To say the least, I was quite impressed and surprised. Anyway, Rick did well on the test and I told him that if he came up with a good story idea, call me and I might buy it. I could tell he was dejected. Now this is where the story gets good: when he took the subway home, he spotted a young man playing the sax and people dropping quarters into his instrument case. So Rick begins interviewing people and then the sax player, who turned out to be a student at Berkeley School of Music who needed extra money. Rick then goes home, writes a 500-word article, and returns to my desk a few hours later and says, “OK, so how much will you pay for this?” I was astonished. I read the first few paragraphs, looked up and said, “I’ll give you $50 for it.” That’s the day Rick Weinberg began his career with AP. I love telling that story. I often told that story to young reporters to show them what it takes to stand out, to be special. Rick had good creative writing skills and a bulldog journalist personality, but like most young writers and reporters, he had a lot of work to do to get better — and he did. He always kept in touch with me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following his career.


Peter Gammons, Baseball Hall of Fame sportswriter for the Boston Globe and ESPN: “I’ve known Rick Weinberg for 25 years. He’s an outstanding reporter, writer and editor. I met Rick when he was a young college student covering the Red Sox. He was really gung-go, a real aggressive, relentless reporter for such a young kid. As he evolved in his career with the New York Times, SPORT Magazine, ESPN and FOX, Rick demonstrated his versatility and talent to break stories and write long, compelling feature stories where his subjects really opened up to him and provided great, insightful information.”


Rich Rosenbush, Executive Editor, New York Times: “Rick is an excellent journalist whose writing style is wonderfully creative, compelling and insightful. He is a marvelous interviewer who knows how to ask the right questions and to elicit the most compelling, thoughtful and in-depth answers. He digs in deep to uncover the best and most provocative story. And he is terrific at breaking big news stories because he is tough, experienced and relentless in his pursuit of a story.”


Mark Shapiro, Vice President, ESPN: “Rick Weinberg is one of the finest individuals I’ve ever met – and he is one of the best reporters, writers and insiders I had the pleasure of working with. When I produced the Jim Rome Show for ESPN, Rick was a regular weekly on-air contribution to the show. He provided great, insightful, controversial and provocative information on major league baseball, the NFL, NBA, boxing and the NHL on the show. It was quite amazing to encounter someone who had sources all over the sports world, enabling him to provide great inside and compelling information on the four major sports. Every week, he provided great nuggets of information about upcoming trades, free agent signings, who’s going where. He did a great job for the show.”


Jim Rome, Sports Broadcaster: “I loved it when I knew Rick Weinberg was going to be on the show. I knew he’d come on with something strong. I knew he’d ‘bring it.’ And he always did.”


Tim Mead, Vice President, Los Angeles Angels: “Rick is one of the best, most professional and nicest people I have ever come across in my career. I first met Rick when he was the Angels’ beat reporter and I watched him go on to the New York Times, ESPN, FOX and the two best sport monthly magazines around, SPORT Magazine and Inside Sports Magazine. He was an outstanding reporter and writer with integrity, principals and honesty. He was always candid, up front, and always on the mark with his stories and reporting.”


Dan Jamison, Editor, Investment News: “Rick was a tremendous reporter, writer and editor for our magazine. I was amazed at Rick’s transition to cover Wall St. His reporting skills were unquestionably excellent. Before he came to Primedia, Rick’s background was primarily in sports and sports business. Rick’s sports business reporting is what attracted me to hire him for our magazine. It wasn’t going to be an easy transition but Rick did it seamlessly. It was like he had being covering Wall St. and finance for years. He didn’t miss a beat. He not only conducted provocative interviews, but he was relentless in his pursuit of securing difficult interviews with such high-ranking Wall St. and financial people as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission Arthur Leavit and Harvey Pitt. These guys did not like talking to the media but Rick got them both. He also developed a relationship with former Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O’Neal and was able to break numerous stories about Merrill Lynch. As a writer, Rick penned some of the best and most thought-provoking articles during my tenure at the magazine. It was a great and exciting pleasure to work with Rick.”


Gary Dagempat, Publisher, Fairway Media, Los Angeles Lifestyle and Golf Magazine: “When I decided to start my own magazine, the first person I thought of to be our Editor was Rick Weinberg. It was a no-brainer. I had worked with him at another golf publication and got to know him well. His honesty, integrity, class and professionalism easily stood out. And it grew from there. All Rick cares about is his family, work and doing a great and thorough job in everything he does. As Editor for Los Angeles Lifestyle and Golf Magazine, Rick did a magnificent job. He wrote our cover story for nearly every issue on such personalities as Oscar De La Hoya, Rick Fox (with the Lakers at that time), Rick Dees and even the Mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan. In all those cases, and others, Rick conducted great interviews and wrote terrific articles. He even wrote a back-page column in each issue. As an editor, he was outstanding. He made every story better and wrote excellent and creative headlines and captions. When we evolved into television, who was there to do the on-camera interviews and be the ‘face’ of the show? Who else but Rick. And he did a great job there too. No surprise considering his career in newspapers and TV. He’s just a great and versatile journalist who can do it all.”


Kelly Garrett, Editor, SPORT Magazine: “Rick Weinberg was the best reporter on the SPORT Magazine staff. His reporting skills were invaluable to us. At the time, our staff was comprised of people who were good researchers and feature writers. They did not have the background Rick did in daily newspaper reporting. He took our level of reporting to another level.”


Johnette Howard, Journalist, ESPN and Sports Illustrated: “Rick Weinberg is one of the best writers and editors I ever worked with. He is the rare editor who has the skills to see what needs to be done, and the writing ability to show you, when necessary, exactly how to do it. He is especially good at finding flaws in long, complex pieces, and getting writers to perform at the highest level they’re capable of. I’d trust him with anything I’ve written.”


Loy Maxon, Executive Producer, FOX Sports: “Rick Weinberg is a superb journalist and reporter. As a career newspaper and magazine reporter, he made an amazing and smooth transition to TV as an on-air reporter. He became a natural. I produced his weekly segment called ‘Press Box Insider’ and every week he came up with tremendously insightful stories for the segment. He was breaking a big story every week or two. He turned the segment into a ‘must-see’ portion of FOX’s regular nightly newscast. He worked amazing hard to become one of the best and most influential ‘insiders’ in sports television. It was fantastic to work with him. He was so thoughtful and kind to the production staff. A lot of times, the talent separated themselves from the production crew. Not Rick. He was one of us. He believed we were a total team. He even helped carry equipment, pack it up and set it up. On-air talent seldom, if ever, do that. But Rick made a conscious effort to make everyone feel important. He thanked me several times for making him and his segment ‘better’ and he actually asked the Executive Producer of the show to have my name included in the segment’s introduction. As Rick told me numerous times, ‘You deserve the credit.’ I appreciated that so much. He cares a lot about other people. I have the greatest amount of respect for Rick and would love to work with him again anytime.”


Evan Cooper, former Editor in Chief, On Wall Street Magazine, current Editor, Investment News: “Rick Weinberg is a solid business reporter and features writer. His work always impressed me when he worked for competing financial magazines. From the time I started reading him regularly, in print and especially online, I was hoping to lure him over to my staff. It finally worked – and he did a marvelous job for us. He’s full of good ideas and he executes them extremely well. He works very hard and is 100% focused and devoted to the task at hand. Every time I tried calling him, he was on the phone, calling or interviewing sources. He also has a great personality with position energy and a ton of enthusiasm and passion.


Ken Leiker, Editor in Chief, Inside Sports Magazine: “Rick is a highly-skilled and versatile writer and content provider who consistently delivers quality work. Rick’s work consistently stands up to fact-checking and needs minimal editing, and he typically delivers ahead of the deadline. Rick is a true professional who should be considered for all work involving writing and editing, both print and digital.”