California Business Journal Demographics and Advertising Rates

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  • We have 4M readers monthly.

INCOME/Home Ownership/Net Worth

  • Average Household Income: $263,846
  • 32% of readers make more than $250,000 per year
  • Average net worth: $1,228,360
  • 33% of readers are millionaires
  • 82% of readers own their home
  • 54% male readers / 46% female
  • 62% are C-level executives, VPs, Founders and Managing Partners
  • 71% of 1.6M readers globally are in California
  • Ages 25-67
  • Our readers are 61% more likely to own a second home compared to the average adult.
  • 32% own three or more automobiles.

CBJ Readership Data

  • Our articles average 10,255 page views with an 8% click throughs on our Lead Story.
  • We have 180K email subscribers. The open rate on our emails is 32% with a click through rate of 7%.
  • Our articles remain on our site indefinitely.




  • 60% have made home improvement in the past 12 months
  • 76% spent more than $1,000 on clothing, fashion, accessories and furniture in the past 12 months



  • 78% read the ads as well as the editorial
  • 44% of readers have visited a store online or directly as a direct result of seeing an ad on California Business Journal
  • 49% of readers have purchased a product as a direct result of seeing an ad on California Business Journal
  • 52% have visited a website as a result of seeing an ad in California Business Journal



  • 82% of readers eat at sit-down restaurants more than three times in the past month
  • 36% attend symphony concerts, museums or live theater in the past year



  • 88% travel regularly
  • 42% took a trip outside the continental U.S. in the past three years





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