September 26, 2020

When Should a Small Business Invest in Web Design? 

Special to California Business Journal. 

The 2020 pandemic may have pushed most people towards online purchases, but the trend was already there. According to Statista, experts projected e-commerce sales to reach up to $6.5 trillion by 2023, and that is without the boost from the COVID-19 situation.

So, whether you’re a big corporation or a small business, the competition for a loyal and dedicated online audience is fierce.

This means that the time to invest in web design is now and not a minute later. Furthermore, there are other areas you must consider, like social media presence, authentic communication, and modern technologies.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Agency

It’s easy to see how the DIY web design trend can be appealing to small businesses. After all, who has the budget (especially now) to spare?

Still, web design and your business’s online development, in general, must be considered an essential task. It should be right there with production, sales, and HR because the audience is quickly moving online.

And they’re no longer satisfied with a basic-looking webpage. A successful business (regardless of size) must use a mixture of online channels to reach its target public. So, while it may seem cheaper to use a site builder or work with a predefined template, in the long-run, it’s cheaper to work with professionals.

Specialized web design agencies like can offer valuable tips that will fit your specific niche and target audience. Furthermore, they can help with optimization for search engines and lead generation.

Take the First Step with Good Web Design

Solid web design is only the first step to success.

But what exactly does good or solid web design mean

While the final details are always different (due to niche influences and other specific factors), here are the basic features of stellar web design:

–Page speed – experts say that a page that loads in over 5 seconds may lead to a bounce rate of about 90%. Furthermore, the page speed index is one of the main ranking factors used by Google to assess your website’s position in its SERPs.

–Smooth navigation – users must be able to instantly understand how to get from one page to another, without room for confusion.

Good use of UX and UI – a high-quality website is easy to use (UX) and visually appealing (UI). Furthermore, the interface must be simple and elegant, which can be difficult to achieve by a non-professional.

–Good CTA integration – the Call to Action elements must be strategically placed on a website in order to catch the users’ eye without being intrusive and/or demanding.

–Good SEO & overall optimization – in today’s day and age, SEO is a process that needs constant refining. As such, you need a solid base to stand on before you can take the world by storm.

How Much Should I Invest?

So, the question is no longer about “when” but rather about “how much.”

And it can be difficult to make a good decision right now. The online environment is always improving, and with the addition of new technologies, it is difficult to decide without professional help.

Our advice is to make sure you are up to date with the trends first (best practices for successful websites) and then have a chat with a web design professional. This way, you can decide on the type of technologies that work best, and you can establish a budget that will work for both parties.

In our experience, small businesses should favor small and constant investments in order to keep working on their design and online presence.


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