August 5, 2020

Tricks for Creating Engaging Business to Business Websites

If you own a small business, and want to serve other small business, then it’s crucial that your website be engaging, memorable and easy to use.

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Did you know that there are nearly 2 billion websites on the internet at the moment of this writing? Some of them are personal websites and others are business to business websites designed to attract companies and sell products or services.

If you have a small business and you want to target other companies, are you aware of the benefits of having a business website? In 2020, if you don’t have a website for your business, you might as well not exist. But, simply having a website isn’t enough.

Keep reading to learn how to design a business website the right way, so you can attract clients.

1. Know Your Audience Very Well

Whether you sell goods to direct consumers or businesses, you still need to find your ideal target audience. This step is crucial because it helps you refine your marketing strategy and goals based on the clientele you’re targeting.

To find your target audience, you need to know more about them. For example, do you sell telecommunication services to other companies? If so, ask yourself how you can come up with a more affordable and potentially better service.

If you sell furniture items, how can you tailor your products to better fit the needs of other businesses and companies?

Asking yourself questions like these helps you define your target audience. You should also know other details such as how many employees your ideal client has, how they conduct business, their market share, etc.

2. Come Up with Great Visual Elements for Your Website

Once you know your ideal clients, it’s important to focus on website design. Your website must be professional and attractive, otherwise, other businesses will think you’re just an amateur interested in making a quick buck.

When it comes to design, you need to decide upon your color scheme and use it everywhere from now on – on your website, your business cards, your logo. This creates unity and differentiates you from other websites on the internet. Make sure that you also include buttons that direct to various places such as your blog, your list of services and products, a short description of your team, etc.

Lastly, make sure that you use a professional font in a neutral color. Flashy writing or bold colors tend to look childish and this is the last thing you want when trying to work with other small businesses or companies. You can also work with a professional designer to create a custom web design that matches all your preferences and needs.

3. Be Mindful About SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a combination of techniques used to make your website rank higher in search engine result pages. You should incorporate SEO elements when designing your website because it will directly affect how profitable it will be.

For example, make sure that you use the right keywords in the articles you write on your blog. Some of these keywords should also appear in headlines as this will make Google rank your web pages higher. You might also want to guest post on other websites and obtain backlinks that will increase your ranking even further.

Especially if you want to target businesses, it would be ideal if you work with an SEO specialist to design your next marketing strategy. SEO is not a silver bullet, but a wise long-term strategy that ensures your authority and trustworthiness for years to come, so it’s worth investing in it.

4. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Even if you sell a broad range of services and goods, make sure that your business website remains easy to navigate and easy to understand. Most people spend less than a couple of seconds on a new web page, on average. If your website is very complicated, these potential clients will leave and never go back.

You should avoid that by creating an intuitive navigation bar. Make sure that every major part of your website can be accessed from the navigation bar.

You should have a button that gets the viewer back to the top of the page as well as a sidebar with quick access to important actions. Ideally, you’d want to make your website so simple that even a 4-year old would understand it.

5. Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast

As mentioned earlier, most internet users spend just a few seconds on a web page at any given moment. The internet is so vast that there’s no need to dig too much for quality information. With that being said, having a website that takes a lot of time to load can be a catastrophe because it will easily deter potential clients.

Making your website load faster is not that difficult. You need to optimize the web pages and run updated plugins with properly-organized content.

If you want to incorporate images, don’t have them in a high resolution because it will take a lot of time to load. Remember that not everyone in the world has a fast internet connection, so smaller images that faster will make your website accessible to everyone.

6. Take Advantage of Social Media for Promotion

Social media plays a key role in advertising these days. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can help you find new business clients that might be interested in your services. Make sure you create accounts on these social media networks and keep them updated regularly.

For example, you can create content for your blog and share it on your Facebook page. You might also create images and share them on Pinterest. Social media can help you grow your fanbase and opens up new business opportunities virtually overnight.

Now You Know How To Create Great Business To Business Websites

Creating high-quality business to business websites cannot be done overnight. However, if you align with the right people and spend some time doing your homework, your B2B website will look gorgeous. Think about this website as your virtual business card – it has to look good and attract the attention of your potential business clients.

For more useful information on how to create websites from scratch, how to advertise them, and become successful online, make sure that you read the other articles on our blog.

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