September 21, 2020

Family Wealth Leadership is a unique financial firm that focuses on all elements of finance, retirement, estate planning, building wealth, wealth preservation, family counseling and business consulting. BY CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL Eleven years in banking, 15 in commercial real estate development and 24 years as a

Michael Ahmadshahi is considered to be among the best and most thorough Intellectual Property attorneys because of his first-hand experience and knowledge in researching, writing and filing patents. [caption id="attachment_8326" align="alignleft" width="138"] Rick Weinberg[/caption] BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL If you have an invention or idea worth

The stock market is thriving, but with the unpredictable nature of the market combined with the U.S. government’s $20 trillion debt, Goldco CEO Trevor Gerszt says portfolio diversification with precious metals is imperative.  [caption id="attachment_8326" align="alignleft" width="114"] Rick Weinberg[/caption] By Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal Even

BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL He is finally back in his office after meetings with real estate clients, investors and bank executives in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, England, Russia, Iceland, Amsterdam, Austria, Hungary and, of course, China, where Jerry Koller’s international real estate venture

As a leading Southern California estate planning attorney, Christine Weiner relishes making “a significant difference” in the lives of her clients and their families. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL All Christine Weiner ever really wanted in her professional career was to help people in a no-nonsense,

BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL Three years ago, a Lebanese couple of Muslim faith walked into Lani Baron’s law firm to discuss divorce, something that is perhaps the most highly sensitive issue in many cultures and faiths, particularly for Muslims. “Neither the husband or the wife

The U.S.’s EB-5 program is an intriguing funding strategy for companies. But Sara Vaziri is taking the program to a new level by helping immigrant investors overcome obstacles and getting them acclimated to the challenging U.S. business environment. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL The U.S.’s

Handling and recycling electronic devices – carefully and responsibly -- is critically important in this digital age that is in constant motion. One of the top recycling companies that manages the process the right way is Cal Micro Recycling. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL When the

Many of California’s public sector organizations rely on cloud services and IT consulting from Infiniti, one of the most innovative technology companies in its space.  BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL When the California Department of Technology (CDT) was sifting through proposals for a prestigious multi-year