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Captain Andy Bozzo Marsh Creek Fire

Commanding Presence

Firefighters Andy Bozzo and Tech whiz Will Pigeon created Tablet Command, a first-of-its-kind tactical technology that integrates 911 and dispatch ...

(Photo: Filipp Chebotarev, Chief Operating Officer of Cambridge Companies SPG)


Investment firm Cambridge Companies SPG is leading the emerging consumer food and beverage industry following the upside of a generational ...

close up measure measurement 50634 - THE WEIGHT CHALLENGE


Mike Vacanti, an entrepreneur, personal trainer, online fitness coach and writer, has clients throughout Los Angeles, including top investor Gary ...

Matt Larson feat image - EAGLE EYE


Matt Larson, CEO of Promontory Investments LLC, is a master at locating superior multi-family and single-family investments -- and managing ...

As a high school student, Newport Beach resident, Shauna Fleming started a letter-writing campaign for the troops overseas called A Million Thanks. Her organization reached the one million mark after six months and nine years later, has mailed over 6 million letters to servicemen and women.///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 0430 Ð ch.amillionthanks.0430  Ð MACKENZIE REISS, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER ÐWhile in high school, Shauna Fleming started a letter-writing campaign called A Million Thanks that has mailed more than 6 million letters to U.S. troops. Fleming displays some of the letters she has received at her home in Newport Beach on Sunday, April 21, 2013.


Shauna Fleming's brainstorm 12 years ago has evolved big time with college scholarships for children of fallen service members and ...

eagleview1 - EAGLE EYE


Eagle View Measurements revolutionizes the roofing industry with a unique innovation that saves roofing contractors time and money.

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Invigorating Insight

Invig Consulting CEO Bassem Nowyhed mastered the secret of how to meaningfully connect with others while helping brands understand the way of presenting products in convenience stores from a psychological buying perspective.

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Empathy in AI

Empath, a new tool from Neuroscience-based People Development company Sesh, uses AI to analyze human emotions and states of mind in any video -- with powerful applications across industries.

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