May 28, 2020

By Roxanne Hack, California Business Journal.Genuine, innovative, adaptable and strategic.That describes Ryan and Kara Garland, the creators of Paradyme Funding, a new and novel crowdfunding real estate and finance platform that helps investors make a momentous shift into smart, authentic investments.The firm currently services 200-300

By Susan Belknapp, California Business Journal.An alliance between some of the world’s foremost physicians, scientists, engineers, associations, government and non-Governmental Agencies dedicated to rapid introduction of game-changing therapeutics and diagnostics for brain and spine disorders has been formed by the Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF) and

By Nicole Knight, California Business Journal.Imagine squeezing savings out of city infrastructure while drastically shrinking the energy footprint.This is what energy and wastewater efficiency expert Schneider Electric delivers throughout California and across the country.Helping a roster of public sector clients—including cities, counties and schools—to tackle

Irvine-based Directive has grown by 300 percent annually for four consecutive years. By Lee Barnathan, California Business JournalWhen he started consulting, Garrett Mehrguth had a simple dream: “Have a business that didn’t fail.”His dreams have grown. Now, it’s “to run the largest global B2B search agency

By Susan Belknapp, California Business JournalSome life paths reveal themselves before the traveler even knows they’re lookingThis was how it was with Douglas Luchansky.He attended acting school right out of high school and later studied film and directed videos for two notable ’80s bands that