August 7, 2020

Is Email Marketing Dead? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Gearing Up for It’s Burial

In the age of social media, you’d be forgiven for asking this question. Well, turns out Email Marketing is very much alive. Here’s the proof.

From the California Business Journal Newswire.

Is email marketing dead? You may have heard that it’s on its last legs, or has already kicked the bucket.

The reason? Social media has made email marketing irrelevant. No one uses email except for Boomers.

Social media killed email. Don’t believe it. This news is as fake as every news about the demise of Morgan Freeman.

Email marketing is still effective, better than ever, and evolving. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on new customers and business opportunities.

If you need more proof that email marketing is still alive and well, read on.

1. Email Isn’t Dead

It’s kinda silly to think that email died by the hands of social media. When you think about it, normally you’d need an email account to sign up for different social media platforms.

Also, let’s look at the numbers.

While Facebook, the most popular social network, boasts of 2.4 billion active users, it still pales in comparison to the 3.8 billion, in 2018, who uses email. This figure is estimated to grow to 4.4 billion users in 2023.

<p293 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2019 and it’s expected to rise to 347 billion in 2023.

Maybe email still has some life in it after all.

What about millennials? Well, aged 15 to 24 in the US accessed email in 2017. This proves that email isn’t outdated or old-fashioned.

2. Is Email Marketing Dead Though? What About Engagement?

This is another myth that’s been going around. Email doesn’t connect with their target audience, unlike social media.

Again, let’s look at some figures. What’s the engagement rate of the social media “Big 3”, which is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? It’s only 0.6%.

If you compare that figure to email, you’ll see that email marketing has more potential to captivate an audience. From January to June 2019, the average email open rate is 22.15% with a click-through rate of 3.43%.

3. Let’s Talk About Money: What About ROI?

Does email marketing make you money? Why even invest if it doesn’t, right? For any marketing campaign, the usual measure of effectiveness is ROI.

The ROI of email marketing in 2019 is an astounding 4200%. This means that for every dollar invested, you can expect a return of 42 dollars.

That’s a lot of moolah to give up on if you abandon this marketing strategy.

Also, think about all the email marketing services that are thriving and refining their software. Whether it’s SendInBlue vs MailChimp, you’ll find many companies that are providing this function. Why would they still be in business then?

4. Email Has Proven Durability

For every Facebook and other social media success story, there’s an equivalent failed attempt.

Ever heard of MySpace? Or Friendster?

Both of these platforms were giants until they were taken over by Facebook. Who’s to say that this wouldn’t happen to other popular social media platforms?

However, electronic mail will just happily chug along. It has proven longevity and has been around for decades. Nothing can stop this train.

Get on Board

So what do you think, is email marketing dead? It should be obvious from reading this article that email marketing is alive, kicking and here to stay. It remains one of the most important tools to grow your business.

For more articles about the relationship between technology and business, explore some of our other articles.

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