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Articles by Leslie Hughes, Staff Writer, California Business Journal

Leslie Hughes is a self-described “Montana girl” who left her “safe and stable" job in higher education to become a full-time journalist. A graduate of the University of Montana, Leslie writes on business and lifestyle and creates content for businesses in health/wellness, travel, sales, real estate, food and dining, technology, medical and education.

images 2 - Pace of Imagination

Pace of Imagination

Pulpstream created a platform that streamlines process management in a way that has made it “the most powerful platform for...

brian meert, facebook

Face Facts

There is absolutely nothing these days like the impact of Facebook advertising. Just ask Brian Meert, who wrote a book...

Me Global Insurtech2 crop feat - Fits Like a Glove

Fits Like a Glove

The new app GloveBox is catapulting the antiquated insurance industry into a new world of technology, convenience and retention.

download 8 - Different Approach

Different Approach

Elisabeth Dawson, President and CEO of Copia Wealth Management & Insurance Services and Copia Wealth Management Advisors, Inc., made it...

img2 - Stem Cell … Bra?

Stem Cell … Bra?

After years of development, a revolutionary bra is set to change the world for women struggling with milk production, breast...



Before Chad Willardson launched Pacific Capital, he focused on what clients really wanted from their financial advisor and how they...

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