September 24, 2020

Business Profile: SatishKumar Boguda

By Leslie Hughes, California Business Journal.

For many individuals, technology is overwhelming as it is a foreign concept — one that is more foreign to some than others.

However, technology revolutionized the way we live and transformed our lives in ways we never thought imaginable. It is difficult to think back to life before smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi. When they were initially introduced to society, there was hesitation — they were not welcomed with open arms by everyone.

However, those innovations simplified the way we do things and make the world and knowledge more accessible – and a better place. As technology keeps advancing, there will continue to be new innovations that can be overwhelming at first — and that is why those at the forefront of welcoming technology are so crucial.

One such person leading the journey of bringing people and innovations together is SatishKumar Boguda, an award-winning technology innovator who helps Fortune 100 companies adapt the latest technology trends into their multi-million dollar business processes and aids them in learning how and when to navigate the complexities of technology to maximize their business potential.

Boguda simplifies the journey of digital transformation by talking to machines, systems and applications and he does it through various programming languages. He is specialized with 100+ certifications from prestigious institutes across the globe with a primary focus on data migration methodologies, structured and unstructured data algorithms, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, design thinking, human to machine communication networks, data science models, sap solution designing,  Internet of Things (IoT) and product developments.

Boguda achieves this with an imposing resume of awards and achievements:

–American Business Awards Technical Professional of the Year

–One Planet Awards Outstanding Developer on the Planet Award

–Best Research Paper – Advanced Technology Solution.

–Globe Awards Information Technology Professional of the Year

–Golden Bridge Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Valuable IT Professional

He also serves as a member of advisory boards for International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Academy – IJMRA, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology – IJERT, International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology – IJCTT, International Journal of Computer Techniques – IJCT, International Journal of Advanced Study and Research Work – IJASRW.

Boguda has published, award-winning scientific papers on emerging technology innovations “as a way to give knowledge to society in a way that is more accessible.” He also serves as a jury panel member for more than 25 international competitions and awards alongside Fortune 100 CEO’s and researchers, working to expertly review the latest technologies, products, and emerging solutions.

Boguda stays at the forefront of technology in a myriad of ways, including giving back to others by helping them incorporate innovations into their business to reap the greatest benefits.

“It’s not just tackling the new technology and implementing it into the IT landscape,” he says. “It won’t give them value.”

The desire to give that value is what Boguda is all about. He ensures the companies he works with understand “the whys and hows” rather than just knowing the systems are set up to rock and roll in the business.

“Companies need to have a strong strategy to implement emerging technologies,” he says, adding that he helps them understand not only “what they are trying to achieve” but also the timeline it will take to achieve it and how exactly the technology fits their specific needs.

This level of dedication to his work is evidence of Boguda’s passion for his work, along with his love of seeing companies find the success and solutions they sought out for.

The most rewarding part of his work comes “after implementing a solution and seeing if the business is able to increase their value, increase their number of customers and revenue.”

Boguda has designed and developed a data migration tool for one of the largest utility clients in California and this solution supports 30+ business groups, migrating millions of data records to cloud systems.

What keeps Boguda motivated in his work and work-related endeavors is the continued “evolution of technology that has never happened before.”

“Every day,” he adds, “a groundbreaking new technology is coming up.”

While for most of us that is overwhelming, for Boguda it means options. For a particular solution or problem, he provides a root-cause analysis, prototyping and checking every step to see what challenge the company is facing, and what new innovations would be the wisest move.

He gives companies a number of options depending on the requirements and says that they “need to be what’s new and trending.”

Boguda is always on the lookout for the newest innovations, hence the value and importance of his Jury Panel memberships, as well as his memberships in other organizations such as the Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors and the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology.

“Every day is an adventure and I see the rewarding factors come with day-to-day challenges and dealing with them. You get to research new things every day and you don’t have to go to a university or college. It’s right at the table or chair using your laptop.”

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