July 9, 2020

What Is the Fastest 3D Printer for Businesses?

Are you trying to learn more about the best and fastest 3D printer for businesses? Here is our list of the Top 7 options.

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Do you need a 3D printer for your business? With so many applications, you might consider getting the fastest 3D printer. It matters not what your purpose is since it has an array of applications. But if it’s your first time, you might have no idea what to look for.  That’s why we created this guide. With this post, you’ll  have a good starting point for your 3D printer journey.

1. Stratasys Fortus 450MG

A famous brand name in the industrial 3D printing scene, Stratasys’s Fortus 450MC is a familiar model. It’s been around for a while, meaning it isn’t one of the latest printers. But it’s a reliable model, with a fully-enclosed 406 by 355 by 406 mm printer area.

This model is great for making filaments continuously without issues. It can make these using various materials like carbon fiber, nylon, carbon fiber-infused nylon, and resin-based ones. That’s why it’s a leading choice if you’re making functional prototypes instead of just showing them off.

It’s possible since the Fortus 450MG can make tough parts usable for industrial purposes. These components have tight tolerances that make it a solid machine. Its additional size makes it a more attractive choice compared to other 3D printers.

2. Desktop Metal Studio System+

The majority of 3D printers in the market melt or fuse plastic when making 3D objects. That’s why this 3D printer is fascinating since it can make 3D metallic parts using copper, aluminum, steel, and titanium. This machine fits on a workbench, meaning you won’t need a factory to make prototypes.

This printer’s manufacturer says that the metal objects made with this printer have the strength and characteristics of injection-molded parts.

It’s possible because of its serious materials science. The process it uses is Bound Metal Deposition, using bound metal rods equivalent to filaments used in FDM plastic printers. Its materials have mixes of metal, wax, and polymer binders that enable it to print objects on the build plate.

After printing the object, you must put it in a tank filled with a dissolving solution for the binding agent.

It also makes a series of open channels inside the object. Use a sintering furnace to heat the finished object before it liquefies, making it a solid mass. You can also read this article for more information about metal 3D printing.

The Desktop Metal Studio System+ is interesting since it can work within an office environment. The company says you need not get respirators or third-party ventilation. That’s why it has no need for special accommodations.

3. Sindoh 3DWOX 7X

The 3D printing industry is at a $4.5 billion market value, meaning you can expect more great models to come. One of the current powerhouses of 3D printing is Sindoh, and their printer is famous for its fine detail. Its layers can be as fine as 0.5mm, and it’s reliable when making flexible parts.

The printer does this by supporting direct extrusion. It means the filament won’t have time to bind up before the printer lays it down on the print bed. It’s a large format printer with a 370 x 390 x 450mm build area.

This Sindoh 3D printer supports both Ethernet and wireless connections. It’s easy to swap filaments with this since its filament print cartridges won’t interfere with the extruder.

4. Stacker S4 Industrial

The printer’s industrial-grade quality allows it to print huge objects while using its four extruders at the same time. The build plate has 345 x 520 dimensions, enabling it to print objects as large as 650 mm. But its most outstanding feature is its four print heads.

When printing with fewer heads, you can get rid of the ones you don’t use to expand the entire build area. This results in a tremendous level of low-volume production gains while increasing the efficiency of manufacturing. The multi-head also grants your business more uses, regardless of its business application.

5. BCN3D Epsilon

Another industrial-grade printer, the BCN3D Epsilon is a plastic FDM printer used for heavy production and additive manufacturing. Like most printers on this list, it has a large build area at 420 x 300 x 400mm.

In normal situations, it’s hard to 3D print large components since the center and the edges will have varying temperatures. This often causes warping and layers to fail. But since this 3D printer has a fully-enclosed build area, the heat remains consistent through the process of building.

With this, the product has substantial reliability and predictability even in large part printing. But its two extruders aren’t what makes this product stand out. Instead, it uses its Independent Dual Extrusion System (IDEX) technology to distinguish itself.

This enables the printer’s extruders to work without dependency. The printer’s duplication and mirror modes make it possible to extrude two objects of the same build at the same time. It can print lots of industrial-grade materials, making it versatile for businesses.

6. Ultimaker S5

This printer has a 330 x 240 x 300mm build volume. It has no seal, but its glass front door prevents heat from going out. This means the print quality remains consistently excellent.

You have the option to get add-ons to enable the S5 to fully heat seal. It’s the enclosed cover and filament feeding system. These components protect filament spools while feeding at the bottom of the machine.

7. MakerBot Method

The Method 3D printer has climate control and full enclosure features in its printed area. This also applies to its filament storage, with features like redesigned extruders and an onboard camera to ensure print quality. The Method X model has a chamber temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, enabling it to print troublesome filaments.

Get the Fastest 3D Printer Today!

These are some great options for the fastest 3D printer in the market. Use this guide whether you’re buying new or used 3D printers.

Why stop with 3D printers? There are many other devices and technologies to use to your advantage. To learn more about them, we invite you to go over more of our content right here!

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