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Tag: health and wellness

Filipp Chebotarev, COO and Managing Partner of Cambridge Companies SPG

The DealMaker

Investment firm Cambridge Companies SPG was wholly-vested in distressed real estate properties. When the distressed real estate market recovered,  Filipp ...


Reaction Club, Israel’s revolutionary corporate wellness concept has come to U.S. and has made a stunning impact, elevating employee-participation from ...


Pascale Rothmann would like to see more oversight in the fitness industry and help make the certification process more strenuous ...


Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels have created a unique health and wellness philosophy that is life-changing. By Rick Weinberg, ...

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Invigorating Insight

Invig Consulting CEO Bassem Nowyhed mastered the secret of how to meaningfully connect with others while helping brands understand the way of presenting products in convenience stores from a psychological buying perspective.

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Empathy in AI

Empath, a new tool from Neuroscience-based People Development company Sesh, uses AI to analyze human emotions and states of mind in any video -- with powerful applications across industries.

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