August 5, 2020

Five quick tips on how to enjoy your next flight from San Francisco to New York

From reusable water bottles to pamper sessions, this is how to prepare for flying.

By California Business Journal.

Flights can be unbelievably uncomfortable and boring. We’ve all been there: maybe you checked in a little too late and ended up with a middle seat, or just got comfy ready to nap when you discovered the person sitting next to you is a talker. Luckily, there’s a few things we’ve picked up over time that can help to make your next long flight simply fly by. Check out our five top tips for a great flight here.

Buy a reusable water bottle

There’s simply no use in packing a bag full of water bottles before you reach the airport as you won’t get through security. On your next flight, try taking a reusable water bottle instead. This way you can stay hydrated on your journey to the airport, tip out the remaining water before security, then fill it back up again on the other side. This is a much better eco-friendly alternative for buying multiple water bottles, too. Kool8 water bottles are made to keep water cold for up to 24 hours, meaning you’ll never be without a refreshing sip even on the longest of flights. They’re also made of industrial stainless steel, meaning your bottle will last for years. Check them out here.

Get to the airport early

There’s nothing worse than running around the airport trying to find the right desk 10 minutes before check-in closes. Be kind to yourself from now on and get to the airport early so you can relax more and worry less. Having a little extra time to get your bearings is a total game-changer when it comes to airports. Plus, the quicker you get checked in, the more time you have to browse the selection at duty-free.

Wear comfortable insoles

While some choose to take their shoes off to get comfortable on the plane, we’d much rather not. Buying a pair of comfortable insoles for your shoes is a great way to look after your feet throughout a long flight and during those long treks between airport gates. The right pair will wick away moisture, remove odor, and even massage your feet as you walk. There’s a whole range of great memory foam insoles out there, and GiftWits can help you find the very best here.

Have a pamper session

Flying leaves the skin looking tired and feeling dehydrated, and can often lead to nasty breakouts. Try combating this next time you head onto a plane by having a little pamper session. Sheet masks are a great way to perform a quick, simple, and mess-free facial, which you can follow up with a thick layer of moisturizer. Plane pamper sessions are becoming ever-more popular, so while you might get a few strange looks, there’s bound to be others around you doing the same thing.

Don’t overload your carry-on

It’s hard to tell yourself not to overpack your carry-on. After all, you might need those two books, a laptop, three pairs of earphones, notepad, makeup bag, stationery kit, and spare shoes and socks, right? Now’s the time to look at things a little differently, as the more you pack in there, the more you’re going to have to rummage around before getting comfortable on the plane, which becomes even more of a nightmare if you’re stuck with the middle seat. Keep your carry-on simple, a book and a pair of earphones are likely enough for flights under the five-hour mark. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably sleep for most of the flight anyway. 


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