October 20, 2020

Men’s Cuff Earrings: Making a Comeback

From the California Business Journal Features Newswire.

Every men’s cuff store has a wide variety of cuff links to choose from.  That’s good news since cuff links have come back into fashion. No matter what style or material you want, you will always be able to find something stunning.


Forget the old staples of simple silver and gold, this is the twenty-first century.  There’s titanium, rhodium-plated metals and wood. Cuff links offer more variety that you would otherwise get from the old staples of silver and gold. Although those materials are still plentiful if that is what you want. Since white gold is making something of a comeback, it is making an appearance in cuff links that is particularly good for people who want something that is relatively ‘normal’ and yet also unusual.


While the normal shapes associated with cuff links – squares, circles, and cylinders – are always available, there are so many new forms out there. You can get anything from other shapes of cuff links (triangles, etc.) to 3D shapes such as boats and skulls. Anybody can find something to suit their taste, be it a goth looking for skulls, or a religious man looking for crosses to wear on his shirt sleeves. Every imaginable shape of cuff link can be found somewhere – anybody who wants to show off his hobby or his musical tastes can easily do so now.


Leaving aside stones (the next section deals with them), there are so many different colors that are available for cufflinks. The obvious colors are the various metals that cuff links are normally made of. There are so many new colors to choose from though – people can choose cuff links that go with their tie color if they so choose. The most common way to inject color into cuff links is by using enamel in their design. This is most common in the simpler shapes of cuff link – a square cuff link with an inner square of enamel, for instance.


Whether semi-precious or precious, many cuff links now have stones in their design. Whether you like opals or diamonds, you can find something to your own taste. Some cuff links have their design focused on the jewels that they have incorporated into themselves, while others simply have them as an incidental piece of the whole. Choose which kind of stones you want, and where you want them in the design, carefully. You can have them as the focal point if you want, or you can have them be small and unnoticed if you want. There are designs for everyone.

What do you want?

Last but not least, consider what you yourself want out of your cuff links. Don’t let what’s in fashion dictate what you wear – if it makes you happy, wear it! If everyone is wearing silver but you love gold, rock it! If everyone loves novelty shapes in their cuffs but you want to stick to the basics, have at it. You will be happiest with your purchases if you buy what makes you happy, rather than only listening to what other people say. At the end of the day, it is you who have to wear them, and you should feel happy about it.

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