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Tag: stock market

Nicholas Yrizarry

In Perfect Alignment

Behavioral Financial Advisor Nicholas Yrizarry spearheads a lifestyle-based financial services firm which aims to create financial portfolios that mirror clients’ ...

Trade Wisely

Trading can often be a complex venture, no matter your level of expertise, because there are so many moving parts ...


The stock market is thriving, but with the unpredictable nature of the market combined with the U.S. government’s $20 trillion ...

George Wahbeh, President of PowerOne Corp.


When it comes to alternative investments, one of the most exciting and lucrative options is power and energy. And one ...

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Invigorating Insight

Invig Consulting CEO Bassem Nowyhed mastered the secret of how to meaningfully connect with others while helping brands understand the way of presenting products in convenience stores from a psychological buying perspective.

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Empathy in AI

Empath, a new tool from Neuroscience-based People Development company Sesh, uses AI to analyze human emotions and states of mind in any video -- with powerful applications across industries.

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