June 24, 2019

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Family Wealth Leadership is a unique financial firm that focuses on all elements of finance, retirement, estate planning, building wealth, wealth preservation, family counseling and business consulting. BY CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL Eleven years in banking, 15 in commercial real estate development and 24 years as a

Exclusive (k) is a creative retirement savings plan than enables self-employed business owners to put away up to $40,000 per year tax deferred.

By Adrianna Mazzotta, California Business Journal.

One of the most attractive retirement investment vehicles for entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners is Exclusive (k), an innovative retirement program that enables businesses owners to put away up to $40,000 of net profits per year.

What makes Exclusive (k) even more enticing is that self-employed business owners can deduct all the contributions to the plan.

Considering all the benefits of Exclusive (k), it’s not only surprising but somewhat remarkable that so few people are still unaware of it.