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Tag: Art

Mad-Dash Days

Dan Pearlman, one of the advertising world’s icons, is still influencing clients and their audiences as CEO of Bob Wolf ...

Crystal Clear

SAFTI FIRST has morphed into a powerhouse due to groundbreaking innovations in clear fire-rated glazing and framing solutions for all ...

The Fire Within

The stunning modern design and state-of-the-art features of the Angara Maximus iBBQ table has redefined the art of barbecuing, outdoor entertainment ...


Adam Crum has spent 33 years in the coin industry, facilitating more than $1 billion in rare-coin transactions. His latest ...

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Invigorating Insight

Invig Consulting CEO Bassem Nowyhed mastered the secret of how to meaningfully connect with others while helping brands understand the way of presenting products in convenience stores from a psychological buying perspective.

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Empathy in AI

Empath, a new tool from Neuroscience-based People Development company Sesh, uses AI to analyze human emotions and states of mind in any video -- with powerful applications across industries.

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