September 23, 2020

What Is a Product Catalog and How Can You Set One Up?

From the California Business Journal  Newswire.

When you’re trying to learn more about marketing and selling your product to your most trusted consumers, there are several matters you can keep in mind.

Creating a product catalog will allow you to reach your customers in a more meaningful way, while also making sure that your staff is highly trained and able to competently speak about every item you sell.

So what is a product catalog?

Consider the points in this article to learn what these catalogs are, how to create a product catalog and more.

What is a Product Catalog?

First and foremost, you should get to know product catalogs so you can incorporate them in your business. This is a marketing piece that breaks down every detail of the products you sell. These product catalogs are used both online and in the form of a hard copy.

These catalogs feature specific information about all of your products, featuring everything from distinct features, descriptions and measurables, to color options and availability.

When you understand how these product catalogs can take your business to the next level, it becomes easy to see why creating one will serve as an asset to any company.

Why is the Product Catalog So Important?

So what makes these product catalogs so vital to your business?

For one, your sales team will benefit from it because they will have specific information on each products that they are selling. This helps them communicate clearly to their customers in a way that will work.

When your customers have clear information on each product, they can make sound decisions without hesitation.

When your sales professionals have the right information in front of them, you will see your sales conversions improve, along with the brand equity of your company.

It will generate more sales both online and offline, and you can count on professionals who are well-trained and able to get your product to the market without an issue.

You’ll be able to increase your sales revenue and market to your consumers with effectiveness.

How Can I Create the Best Product Catalog?

Now that you know why product catalogs are so efficient, it’s important that you put together the best one possible.

Creating and managing product catalogs is a straight forward process when you have the right information. Consider the following when you’re setting out to do this:

1. Assess the Audience That You’re Selling To

First and foremost, you need to take the time to assesses your audience. When you know your audience you’ll be better able to sell to them.

Get to know your audience’s demographics and what they’re looking for. This way, you can target your products, focus your upsales and make sure that you’re filling the catalog with the best inventory.

Getting to know your audience also boils down to understanding the type of catalog that you’re putting together. For instance, if you’re selling to a B2B client, it’ll be different than putting together a catalog for an e-commerce site.

You can use analytics to study your customers and to learn more about them and what makes them tick.

2. Invest in the Best Design Software That You Can Find

Take the time to invest in a Content Management System (CMS) that will help you create the best product catalog. When you’re able to enhance your platform in this way, it’ll help you sell to your client with effectiveness.

3. Research Your Products and Learn Them Like the Back of Your Hand

The more you know about your products, the easier it’ll be to sell to them effectively. You’ll want to include information related to the products that are short and to the point.

If you’re creating a catalog for your website, look into search engine optimization (SEO) keywords that can drum up more traffic. For both your print and online catalogs, you should use descriptions that range between 50 words and 100 words.

Hire a writer to create the content for your catalog so that each description is attention-grabbing and effective. Don’t forget to include strong calls to action (CTA) that will also help to improve your sales conversions.

The more you know about your products, the clearer you can express information about these products.

4. Put Together the Best Images You Can Get

Always take the time to improve your catalogs with quality photos. Use high-resolution photos that will give your clients a clear look at what they’re potentially buying.

Work with a company that can create the best design for your catalogs so that the photos are neatly aligned and arranged in a way that is eye-catching and effective.

5. Train Your Sales Team and Track Your Data

Finally, take the time to put your catalog into the hands of your sales professionals as early as possible. The sooner they are able to learn the products you sell, the better you’ll be able to put these materials to use.

Use the catalog as a foundation to track sales performance and to hit specific goals and metrics.

Put Together the Best Sales Catalog Possible

So what is a product catalog? The tips in this article make this clearer for you. When you have a quality catalog it’s much easier to get the results that you’re looking for.

Let these points help you out in creating the best catalog, and lean on us whenever you’d like more help on this topic.

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