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Business Journal has access to more than 10,000 personal and business email accounts in Orange, and Counties.

This database list grows daily.

The business professionals in our database are a mix of male and female clients from their early 30’s to their mid 60’s. They include Accountants, Attorneys, CEO’s, Computer Industries, Consultants, Doctors, Dentists, Educators, Entertainers, Financial Service Providers, Government Employees, Hospitality Services, Insurance Agents, Marketers, Suppliers, Pharmaceuticals,  Real Estate Professionals, Recruiters, Retailers, Sales, Telecommunications, Transportation and Utilities.

We maintain the relationship with the business professionals in our database to ensure the emails we send are opened, read and acted upon.
To sign up for’s E-newsletter blast, which is distributed to 12,000 California businesses, and business professionals, please email or fill out the CONTACT form.

CBJ Newsletter Winter 2014