June 25, 2019

Kayco Continues its Investment in Southern California’s Kosher & Natural Food Market with WPD

West Pico Distributors Takes on New Name, New Leadership and New Focus

From the California Business Journal newswire

West Pico Distributors (WPD) of Vernon, California will take on a new name, focus and added leadership for distribution of natural and kosher foods to the Southern California area, with support and investment by Kayco (www.kayco.com).

Kayco, the nation’s leading source for kosher and kosher lifestyle products, and WPD of Vernon, California, are pleased to announce the appointment of Jayson Folus, President of DSM Distribution Services Management, to lead the team at WPD.

Jayson Folus, President of DSM Distribution Services Management

Folus, who most recently served as DPI’s Mid Atlantic Division President, is responsible for the management of WPD, Prince Distributing in Miami, and Altra Foods in Canada.  Folus has nearly 40 years of experience in the specialty, natural and kosher food industry.

“WPD is continuing to build a top tier team in order to provide our customers with a consistent level of excellent service.  To accomplish this goal, the company is re-organizing, evolving and expanding, adding a new name and updated website, among other changes. To that end, West Pico Distributors will hence forth be known simply as WPD,” said Folus.

WPD email addresses will change to a new domain: @wpd-corp.com and will rename its website to www.wpd-corp.com.

WPD has recently joined The Latino Food Industry Association, an association established to promote, support and educate the thousands of Latino owners, employees and entrepreneurs who are involved in every aspect of the country’s rapidly growing food industry.

Folus noted, “In addition, we are proud to reveal our new company logo.  We believe it conveys the focus of our endeavor in a simple fashion –  to deliver the right products at the right time with the level of service that our customers expect and require.

Folus joins John Jimenez who currently leads the supermarket sales division of WPD, and Elias Naghi who leads the independent kosher sales team at WPD.

John Jimenez, VP of Sales, West Pico, Vernon, California

Jimenez, a former Independent Sales Manager at DPI, has taken on an executive sales role that bridges WPD with conventional retailers throughout the Southern California marketing area.  With more than 26 years of experience in the specialty foods category, Jimenez has implemented his strategic vision and is helping WPD prove itself to be a reliable distribution partner, providing innovative solutions to its customer’s challenges.

WPD first opened its doors in 1948. Today, in partnership with Kayco, it is the leading kosher foods distributor in Southern California.

Kayco, a family-owned business that also started in 1948, has a robust presence in every key market today.  It is uniquely capable of handling a multi-brand portfolio that includes competing products, while creating added value for customers and maintaining a competitive edge. Kayco’s dedicated team offers thousands of kosher supervised products and unparalleled service to its customers and suppliers throughout the United States and in more than 30 countries.

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