After several bad experiences at gyms, Pascale Rothman decided to create a new and unique wellness facility that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal

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Pascale Rothman jpgWHEN PASCALE ROTHMAN DECIDED TO WORK OUT ON A DAILY BASIS several years ago, she went to Gold’s Gym in Venice, California.

“It was a terrible experience,” she says. “I felt lost there. The people were not helpful at all.”

She felt the personal trainers “had forgotten about the passion they had when they first joined the business.” Plus, there was the iron-clad, inflexible membership contracts, the lack of cleanliness and paying to use a towel.

“I didn’t appreciate the whole concept of it at all,” she says.

So she “shopped” around. She went to LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness — and she experienced the same treatment as she did at Gold’s Gym.

“All they cared about was ‘selling’ me packages and not ‘helping’ me.”

As Pascale walked out frustrated, a thought popped in her mind: why not create a new kind of gym that was the opposite of the others, an immaculate and holistic gym and spa that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to the future of workout facilities … UEvolution.

‘Cheers’ of Gyms

How successful has the concept been? Well, UEvolution had 200+ members in just its first three months – a total most gyms do not reach for 1 ½ years, according to Rothman, who spent the previous 10 years of her professional career as a Portfolio Analyst.

“I dreamed UEvolution and the finished product is exactly the way I envisioned it,” she says. “It’s perfect.”

Customers overwhelmingly agree.

“UEvolution is by far the best gym I’ve ever seen or gone to,” Tina Orlando says. “It’s very intimate. The staff is like a close-knit family. It’s like the ‘Cheers’ of gyms. It’s very comfortable and not daunting or overwhelming. Really, it’s a perfect environment.”

Walk into any other gym and the individual at the front desk will likely not even notice you, let alone know your name, and they’ll have their nose buried in their IPhone, IPad or laptop – or all three.

Not at UEvolution.

Everyone knows your name, your workout routine and your goals.

“They really care about you and they care about what you’re doing,” Orlando says.

Recently, spin instructor Meghan Winters was talking to Orlando about her goal: “Being able to fit in my swimsuit by June and look beautiful” for a cruise she is talking with her husband. Within seconds, Orlando was surrounded by two other trainers, all suggesting ways for her to reach her goal.

“They’re invested in you because you’re invested in yourself,” Orlando says. “You won’t get that at Gold’s or 24 Hour Fitness because no one cares. They want your money and they have no interest in you. Here, you’re not just paying a membership, using the machines and walking out.”

Talk about support. After spinning class, Winters suggested Orlando do pilates too.  She was hesitant. But Winters said, “Come on, I’ll do it with you.”

“That’s support,” Orlando says. “That’s caring about your clients.”

2nd pixRight Culture, Right Attitude

Linden King, a linebacker who played 13 years in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers, was recently working out at Gold’s Gym with a friend.

“They told me to leave because they thought I was ‘training’ my friend,” King says. “I wasn’t. We work out as a team.”

He wound up at UEvolution – “and I’ll never leave,” he says. “They’ve created the ideal facility with the right culture and attitude.”

What also separates UEvolution from other gyms is that it focuses on everything involving the body, mind and spirit. Not just one area. Or two. Everything.

UEvolution, which has certified doctors on staff, offers Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages, Hot Stone Treatments, an Urban Nutrition Program, TRX, Pilates, Yoga/Hot Yoga, Indoor Cycling and Kettleboard.

“We believe true health is achieved through a balance in all areas of your life — overall wellness, strong workouts, rounded nutrition, and powerful connections through the community,” Rothman says. “We encourage our clients to expand their minds, open their hearts, feed their body, and nourish their souls. This is why our gym does not only concentrate on strength training but also offers a full functioning wellness spa, workout classes, physical therapy, and nutritional guidance.”

Rothman’s philosophy is strongly tied into charities. She is on the board at Project Lace (Loving Abandoned Children Everywhere). She is also involved with CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking), the American Brain Tumor Association, as well as animal shelters and homeless missions.

In fact, in April, UEvolution is launching a special wellness event for volunteers at a nearby homeless shelter – at no charge.

“These are very special individuals volunteering their time to take care of the less fortunate,” Rothman says. “So we wanted to show our appreciation to them – and all community volunteers —  that we care about them and the work they are doing. And we want to help them live a better and more productive and healthier life – a life where they feel great about themselves.”


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