September 26, 2020


Los Angeles’ UEvolution becomes first gym and wellness center in U.S. to offer the SimplyFit Test for weight loss and fitness optimization.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal.

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Pascale RothmanWHEN UEVOLUTION CEO PASCALE ROTHMAN AND HER STAFF DISCOVERED the SimplyFit Test, they were impressed by its proven scientific accuracy.

They were so impressed, in fact, that Rothman decided to partner with Simplified Genetics to become the first fitness center in the U.S. to offer and distribute SimplyFit to the general consumer market.

“At UEvolution, we are consistently searching for ways to stay ahead of the curve by offering the very latest in approaches to nutrition and fitness,” Rothman says.

SimplyFit is a full-sequence genetic DNA test which can tell an individual, with clinically proven accuracy, the road map to their optimal fitness and weight loss potential.

A simple cheek swab of cells is sent to the Simplified Genetics’ testing lab. Within weeks, a full breakdown of what the body needs to achieve optimal physical results is calculated.

“Everyone’s body is different,” Rothman says. “Through a full-panel genetic test, the guessing game and the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and weight loss is eliminated.”

The program is catered exactly to an individual’s DNA.

“Everyone is different but in every case a scientific approach to fitness training and weight loss management can potentially lead to a cure for obesity,” Rothman says.

UEvol simplied genet2 colorHere are some benefits to the program, according to Rothman, UEvolution and Simplified Genetics:

  • Results. “Genetic testing is on the forefront of health and wellness and it is available to uncover the secrets to an individual’s metabolism and path to weight loss,” Rothman says. Simplified Genetics says it provides a comprehensive report with easy-to-understand “do, eat and take” strategies for simple and immediate incorporation into one’s life.
  • Doing what works for your body is efficient and requires less work on your part. “If you know that your exercise is getting results, you don’t have to do it as much,” Rothman says.
  • The answers are in the genes, Rothman points out. “Other diets and exercise plans may not work, so you may find yourself starting over a few times a year, which gets expensive,” she says.
  • Contrary to believe, you don’t go hungry, she adds. “You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight. Being efficient means being balanced and your results reveal dietary guidelines that work with your exercise plan so that you can enjoy your food.”

According to Simplified Genetics, the company is a full sequence, genetic testing and analysis provider. It says it is currently the only provider in the U.S. to offer clinicians and consumers full sequence analysis as opposed to the current standard of SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) analysis in the market today. The Government Accountability Office confirmed the difference in the 2010 report, providing significant evidence of the inaccuracies of SNP analysis.

Simplified Genetics was founded by Kurt and Gina Johnsen and was established as an LLC in 2013.

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