September 24, 2020

A New Way to Cure COVID-19: Fumigate the inside of human lungs, killing the deadly virus.

Tara Chand, Founder and CEO of IPG, created the innovative system that might just stop the rise of pandemic cases.

By Eve Gumpel, California Business Journal.

Tara Chand, founder and CEO of Internet Promise Group, is a renaissance man, genetically programmed to be eternally curious, always looking for new ways to counter humanity’s most complex problems using his vast visualization and root-cause analysis skills.

Chand holds patents in 17 product lines and seven market verticals, including human health – everything from infrastructure defense and all facets of cyber security, wearable devices, innovative e-commerce platforms, vehicle safety systems, personal health product lines, communications and entertainment.

No area of human endeavor is beyond Chand’s talent. His latest venture, Internet Promise Group, typically focuses on cyber security products and services involving e-commerce transactions, military and government applications.

Chand honed his expertise and knowledge at TRW Space & Systems Group, Raytheon Missile Systems, Hughes Aircraft Company, MIT Lincoln Lab and two former employers: McDonnell Douglas and Boeing Space Systems, the largest players in the aerospace and defense field.

Chand’s new mission: Patenting a new way to cure the COVID-19 pandemic. “It dawned on me one day that if we can fumigate any space, including a commercial airliner, even a tented house, why not fumigate human lungs, where the COVID-19 or any SARS virus takes hold,” he says.

Chand set out to innovate a system that fumigates the inside of human lungs — as well as the exterior and surrounding space — using an aerosol form. He filed a patent application, naming the system DADR-Nebulizer-MNA Liquid Medicine. The treatment takes effect in a few hours by passing vaccines “because of the long lead time it takes to put them into play,” he says. “In other words, they have to be developed, tested, gain FDA approval – and then be rolled out in sufficient quantities to combat the virus.”

Tara Chand, founder and CEO of Internet Promise Group

Tara Chand, founder and CEO of Internet Promise Group

Chand’s COVID-19 treatment is based on his experience with an inner ear treatment — Ear Natural®; it relies on Direct Action – Direct Reach™ (DADR™). “It utilizes a liquid medicine with disinfecting properties that kills bacteria and viruses deep inside the middle ear structure, in a single treatment, in matter of minutes, instead of five-day prescription antibiotic treatment,” Chand says.

Patients inhale an atomized version of the MNA liquid medicine using a nebulizer to reach the infection area and kill the virus using direct reach.

Many companies are working on vaccines to treat the virus, yet Chand’s system “averts the long lead time required to roll out a new vaccine,” he says.

He is faced with a timeline of his own and seeks FDA approval to begin human trials.

“We need President Trump to cut the FDA’s bureaucratic red tape,” he says.

What he is lacking is investors to take the product to market. Once he has funding, “I envision the ability to manufacture the cure within a few weeks.”

The attention and support of Elon Musk or Bill Gates would be enormous – “and I’ve written letters to both of them,” Chand says. The therapeutic remedy is a monumental advancement for those trying to curb the spread of COVID-19 that is playing havoc on societies across the globe.

Like Musk, Chand’s intellect handles multiple projects simultaneously. While working on the COVID-19 challenge, he is also building a Card Secure® Platform that operates without a bankcard anywhere. It has been in development for more than a year and will be ready to demonstrate in a couple of months. Once Chand has investor funding for that, he envisions launching the Card Secure Platform within two to three months.

Internet Promise Group, which also develops and markets proprietary mobile, security and information systems applications and platforms, has invested $5 million in R&D to engineer products and services that secure transactions, authenticate identity, protect privacy, increase safety and save lives. The company has four decades of U.S. aerospace and defense industry security software and engineering expertise and has licensed its technology to Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sony, Logitech and Vizio.

“Our technology team has developed advanced, market-ready business, government and consumer products in cyber security, e-commerce, mobile and health,” Chand says of IPG, which has created an intellectual property portfolio with 50 patents and 100 patent-pending submissions in innovations and breakthrough technology.

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