August 23, 2019

With their expectations not being met, Dustin Tillman and Zeeshawn Zia set out to transform the industry they love.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal

Elite Dustin Zee BW lead picTHE “NEXT” GOLDEN AGE OF AVIATION HAS ARRIVED.  Some of the largest aircraft orders in history are rolling in, all across the board, all at one time. The last major manufacturing boom in this industry occurred decades ago, the remnants of which are now in dire need of replacement.

“It’s truly a phenomenon,” says Dustin Tillman, President and CEO of Elite Aviation Products. “What’s happening now has never before been seen since the inception of the commercial aviation industry nearly a century ago.”

In order for airlines to successfully compete, they have to reinvest in their infrastructure. They need to invest in new fleets of aircraft — and new strategic alliances must be formed in order to embrace this unprecedented workload.

Enter Elite Aviation Products.

The Irvine, California-based company is redefining the $170 billion aviation manufacturing sector that is intensifying by the minute. The Boeing Company anticipates that this demand for entirely new fleets of aircraft will be valued at over $4.8 trillion over the next two decades.

By offering a distinctive unique approach to combat this unfounded workload, Elite Aviation Products is challenging conventionality and turning the industry upside down – for the better.

The company pledges to be the first organization of its kind, in this industry, to offer an undeniably compelling value proposition by embracing progressive technologies, maintaining a cost-competitive manufacturing edge, and a solution-based, customer-centric manufacturing philosophy.

“The industry doesn’t need more part producers. What the industry needs are solution providers who produce parts,” Tillman says. “In this environment, it’s not enough to offer cost-competitive prices. That’s a given. Based on our experiences, customers need suppliers capable of going above and beyond that.”

Thanks to Elite Aviation Products, it will.