June 24, 2019

By Daniel Langhorne, California Business Journal. When it came time for Playboy Enterprises to sell its historic Playboy Mansion in 2016, the real estate agents representing both parties knew they needed a firm with a strong reputation and impeccable security to manage the $100 million transaction. The

Scott Way is not just a super broker. He is referred to by clients as ‘the best and last mortgage broker you'll ever need.’ BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL Some people just get it right. Scott Way is one of them. As President of Resource Financial Mortgage in

Technology and culture sit at the forefront of Jeff Grice’s success as Owner and President of RE/MAX Evolution, Evolution Property Management and RE/MAX Evolution Commercial Division. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL By the time he was 13 years old, Jeff Grice was already trading derivatives, options,

Evan Paul Motorcars in Newport Beach, Calif. expands its services with asset-backed cash loans. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNAL First it was one phone call. Then another. And another. Evan Paul was caught off guard, never expecting some of his wealthiest clients to be inquiring about getting

Dr. F. Anthony Rich’s old-school philosophy and integrity is what sets him apart from other dentists.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal


F. Anthony Rich was named one of America’s Best Dentists by the National Consumer Advisory Board.

F. Anthony Rich was named one of America’s Best Dentists by the National Consumer Advisory Board.

THE FIRST TIME BONNIE THOMPSON WAS AT F. ANTHONY RICH’S DENTAL OFFICE IN NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF., “I felt I was in Mayberry,” she says with a laugh, referring to the classic 1960s Andy Griffith Show.

When she first arrived, another patient was leaving. Moment later, as Thompson slipped into the dental chair, the other patient walked back in and told Dr. Rich that his car wouldn’t start.

“So Dr. Rich goes out and jump starts the car,” she says, prompting her “Mayberry” comment. “And it wasn’t just that – it was also his old-school philosophy, his integrity and honesty,” says Thompson, who have been seeing Dr. Rich for 20 years.

“We spent an hour talking, which is so unusual [for dentists and doctors]. It was fantastic. I knew right then and there I had found a dentist for life. He’s just so honest and cares so much. You just don’t find people – let alone dentists — like him anymore.”

First U.S. Film Company Established To Document and Educate LEED-Rated Buildings.

By Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal.

greenribbonwaterdropsEVERY DAY, THE PUBLIC IS BOMBARDED with news, emails, websites, articles and government messages about being green and the effects it has on our planet. Most people are overwhelmed and still ask, “What exactly is green and why should we care?”

So Cynthia Ross decided to create a business that would deliver information to the public that would help them understand the overwhelming world of green. That organization is Green Ribbon Productions, the first U.S. production company exclusively devoted to creating films that document and educate LEED-rated buildings, green-approved products, services, and events has been established.