June 18, 2019

Photo: Cree Crawford (R) and Alex Andrawes (L) By Shawn Price, California Business Journal The first thing Cree Crawford and Alex Andrawes want you to know about their company, Ionization Labs, is that it’s not actually a laboratory, but a group of science and business minds that

The craving for more internal camaraderie among executives and partners led Dan Gravelle to launch CFO Particeps and offer consulting interim finance chiefs to early- and growth-stage companies. By Daniel Langhorne, California Business Journal When executives at encrypted flash drive manufacturer IronKey needed help securing an early

By Nicole Knight, California Business Journal. Debt. It’s as American as apple pie. Consumer debt in this country will top a whopping $1 trillion by year end. For many, it’s a crushing burden that’s nearly impossible to escape. Make only the minimum payment on a high-interest credit card?

By Victoria Kertz, California Business Journal. The woman was strolling through a Southern California Costco store one day, checking off items on her grocery list when something caught her eye. Several paintings were being shown in a display inside the store. One painting however, was very familiar

By Daniel Coats, California Business Journal When veteran Orange County criminal defense lawyer Michael Molfetta surveys his three decades of legal representation for high-profile clients, there is one moment that stands out as an example of his tenacity and commitment. A few years into his private

You can’t buy cannabis ads on Google, Facebook or Instagram. Nor in Forbes or the Wall Street Journal. So Jeremy Jacobs and Colby McKenzie created a platform for brands that want to get involved in the booming cannabis industry. [caption id="attachment_10504" align="alignleft" width="940"] Jeremy Jacobs[/caption] By Lee

Californians continue to pour investment dollars into residential rental properties and flips in Texas through Guerin Property Services. By Ashleigh Ruhl, California Business Journal Entrepreneur Kevin Guerin is based in Texas, but 90 percent of his company’s clients are Californians investing in residential real estate in Austin