November 19, 2019

Bill Ellermeyer is 80 years old and looks 65 -- and he acts even younger. Part of his secret: “Un-retire.” BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALThe sweet, soothing sounds of Mozart can be heard as you approach the Tustin, Calif. office of 80-year-old Bill Ellermeyer, one

Cloudtrek is among a unique group of firms specializing in ultra-customized, ‘ironclad’ private cloud/IaaS hosting services. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALEvery Monday morning, on TV and radio, the world learns about the weekend box office movie blockbusters – which films finished in the top 10

Jeff Christensen and his team of scientists found a way to neutralize the pH of electrolyzed water to create pHur™, the most effective yet safest non-toxic, environmentally-friendly disinfectant in the marketplace today. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALJust two years ago, the University of North Carolina

Attorney John Wong left one of the country’s biggest and most prestigious Los Angeles estate planning firms to launch his own private practice in Orange County because he knew “there was a better way.” BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALWhen John Wong was hired by the

Jonathan Abramson has mastered the art of crowdfunding with well-crafted strategies for non-profits, socially-conscious organizations and healthcare companies. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALThe mastermind behind some of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns for non-profits and socially-conscious organizations is Jonathan Abramson.Abramson engineered iHEAR Medical’s

San Francisco real estate expert Craig Ackerman has created a formula and defining philosophy to maximize a home’s value and sales price while completing the transaction with lightning-fast execution. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALWhen Craig Ackerman steps into a home, his mind begins to race

Not only did Sona A. Tatiyants create a unique estate planning practice that focuses on young families, but she also gives new meaning to giving back to the community. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALWhen Sona A. Tatiyants decided to create her own Southern California estate

Lightning-fast paced, high-intensity coding bootcamps like LearningFuze condense the learning and training process of becoming a masterful and employable programmer in an astoundingly short period of time. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALThe oversized classroom on this late Southern California morning is buzzing with students coding,

Technology visionary Frank Rice created the innovative app and platform, which has emerged as an essential solution for small and medium business owners to advertise and market to the massive -- and rising -- number of mobile consumers. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALFrank

For 17 years, Colleen McNamee has flourished as a divorce mediator and is heralded by clients as an angel for helping them through their nightmare. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALThe negativity and insults had reached a fevered pitch. Colleen McNamee couldn’t take it any longer.

Technology and culture sit at the forefront of Jeff Grice’s success as Owner and President of RE/MAX Evolution, Evolution Property Management and RE/MAX Evolution Commercial Division. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALBy the time he was 13 years old, Jeff Grice was already trading derivatives, options,