September 19, 2019

Before Ricardo Tapia came along, solar was not extensively utilized in automatic gate operation. Today, he stands as a pioneer in his field for developing a futuristic option that saves business and home owners thousands of dollars. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALAs Ricardo Tapia drove

Evan Paul Motorcars in Newport Beach, Calif. expands its services with asset-backed cash loans. BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALFirst it was one phone call. Then another. And another.Evan Paul was caught off guard, never expecting some of his wealthiest clients to be inquiring about getting

Entertainment Supply Chain Software guru Ray Young launched RightsIn, a revolutionary global online marketplace that simplifies the ability to obtain licensing rights for all forms of intellectual property, including video and music. BY RICK WEINBERGFor the second time in 15 years, Ray Young has revolutionized an

The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation.David McNew/Getty Images A worker at a steel minimill in California. Minimill technology has enabled steel plants to cut 75 percent of employees over five decades, while keeping production the same.By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER The first job that Sherry

Former California Mayor Chris Brown may be a very busy man come November. From the California Business Journal newswire. If the legalization of marijuana becomes a reality in California this November, cities will be climbing over one another looking to capitalize on the potential tax and fee