August 7, 2020

Irvine-based Directive has grown by 300 percent annually for four consecutive years. By Lee Barnathan, California Business JournalWhen he started consulting, Garrett Mehrguth had a simple dream: “Have a business that didn’t fail.”His dreams have grown. Now, it’s “to run the largest global B2B search agency

By Susan Belknapp, California Business JournalSome life paths reveal themselves before the traveler even knows they’re lookingThis was how it was with Douglas Luchansky.He attended acting school right out of high school and later studied film and directed videos for two notable ’80s bands that

By Jennifer Dawson, Special to California Business Journal.Scientists have recently improved current brain-computer interface technologies that allow people with paralysis to operate a table just by thinking about making cursor movements and clicks.The general population might view a tablet as a normal part of their everyday life,

Photo: Cree Crawford (R) and Alex Andrawes (L)By Shawn Price, California Business JournalThe first thing Cree Crawford and Alex Andrawes want you to know about their company, Ionization Labs, is that it’s not actually a laboratory, but a group of science and business minds that

The craving for more internal camaraderie among executives and partners led Dan Gravelle to launch CFO Particeps and offer consulting interim finance chiefs to early- and growth-stage companies. By Daniel Langhorne, California Business JournalWhen executives at encrypted flash drive manufacturer IronKey needed help securing an early

By Nicole Knight, California Business Journal.Debt. It’s as American as apple pie.Consumer debt in this country will top a whopping $1 trillion by year end. For many, it’s a crushing burden that’s nearly impossible to escape.Make only the minimum payment on a high-interest credit card?