SureCoat Systems’ Revolutionary Exterior Wall-Coating Texture Has Transformed the Building Industry.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal.

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IMAGINE ELIMINATING CRACKS, CHIPS, PEELING, and the need to paint and re-paint your home.

Imagine no longer.

SureCoat Systems, a leading texture-coating company, has unveiled a revolutionary exterior wall-coating product that “will transform the building industry forever,” according to Jesse Martinson, Vice President of the Orange, California company.

The name of the innovative new product is StrucSureCoat, an epoxy-balanced material that eliminates cracks, chips, peeling, and the need to paint and re-paint a home.

“It’s the biggest and most important innovation in the home building industry that I’ve seen in my 35+ years as a building contractor,” says Bill Calhoun of Better Home Exteriors in Costa Mesa, Calif.

“It will totally transform the building industry. It’s 100% crack, chip and peel resistant. For decades, this industry has been waiting for an exterior wall-coating and texture product that will prevent cracking, chipping and peeling, and it’s finally here.”

Calhoun’s home was among the first to have the unique StrucSureCoat applied in the first testing and experimental phase a few years ago.

“It looks like it was put on yesterday,” he says. “StrucSureCoat is an indestructible material that will not deteriorate in any way, shape or form. It’s a miraculous innovation.”

It is the first time ever that a material of this nature has ever been used on a home’s exterior.

StrucSureCoat is an epoxy-balanced material with superior bonding and elasticity characteristics.

Whatever the magical material is attached to, StrucSureCoat takes on the characteristics of it, including such traditional building materials as stucco, masonry, vinyl, metal and wood.

StrucSureCoat penetrates deep into the surface of the material it is applied to, preventing it from the deteriorating effects of UV light, excessive heat, fire, and freezing weather.

StrucSureCoat is also 100% eco-friendly.

Its volatile organic compounds (VOC) level is less than 1% — 50 times lower than California’s strict requirements. It is also 100% water resistant, heat reflective, UV stable (product maintains its color 100%), along with a Class A fire rating (“I’ve taken a torch to it and it won’t burn at all,” says Calhoun).

“StrucSureCoat was green long before this current green movement hit the United States,” says Martinson, who has been in the building construction business for 35+ years.

IBig Benefits

The litany of benefits of StrucSureCoat includes:

● One coat is equal to seven paint jobs;

● Heat is kept outside in summer and inside in winter;

● 100% waterproof resistant (“2.5 is considered a good rating; ours is .0027,” Martinson says. “Yes, we’re on the other side of the decimal point.”);

● Only product on the market that offers a lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping and peeling of the exterior wall-coating;

● Only product offering a lifetime warranty against discoloration and deterioration of the exterior wall-coating;

“It’s an unbelievable product,” raves Tom Spratt, who had StrucSureCoat applied to his Mission Viejo, Calif. home recently.

“I watched the transformation day after day and it was spectacular. It turned a dull house into the brightest, best-looking home in the neighborhood. My neighbors are jealous. Truthfully, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

SureCoat Systems was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of JemStar Construction, a $17.5 million building construction firm. SureCoat Systems emerged as one of the nation’s leading texture-coat companies in just three years. The company is located at 822 West Katella Ave., Orange, Calif. 92867. Phone: 714-633-5706 / Toll Free: (877) 823-7873 / Fax: (714) 633-0900 / E-mail: / Web site:

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