July 4, 2020

Sobering Breakthrough

The revolutionary Soberlink monitoring system consists of a high-tech breathalyzer with wireless connectivity for real-time results that elevates the accuracy of alcohol monitoring.

By Susan Belknapp, California Business Journal.

Verifying one’s sobriety is easier than ever before. The new Soberlink Healthcare Device uses facial-recognition and wireless transmission to send real-time results and comprehensive reports to anyone, anywhere.

Soberlink also has reports that document each test so clients can track their success — building self-confidence and rebuilding trust with others. Conveniently, this can all be done from the privacy of the home, eliminating the need to visit a lab or clinic.

Soberlink Healthcare (www.soberlink.com) was founded in 2010 in Costa Mesa, Calif. Its flagship product was launched in 2011, quickly becoming the No. 1 remote breath alcohol-monitoring device on the market.

“Constant accountability has been the missing piece to keeping me sober,” says a Soberlink customer.  “Soberlink has given me accountability when nothing else could do that consistently. I am forever grateful.”

Soberlink, sober, monitoring system, high-tech breathalyzer, alcohol

A Unique Approach

Soberlink Devices use facial-recognition technology to confirm the identity of the client for each breath test. Soberlink transmits the alcohol content results to a cloud-based management software. The system allows for customizable testing schedules, text reminders, and automated reporting options.

The Soberlink system has received 510(k) premarket clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medical use by healthcare providers to remotely detect the level of alcohol in human breath.

The Soberlink breathalyzer holds multiple patents and is a registered medical device in the state of California. The company manufactures all units in the United States after passing rigorous testing and upholding the highest manufacturing standards.

The Power of Sharing

The Share Program is designed for those in recovery who want to share their progress with counselors, sponsors, family members, their recovery circle, or any other support network. The program uses innovative technology and additional resources to help build structure for a client as they progress in their day to day life and on their path to sobriety.

The company’s mission is to erase the stigma of alcohol monitoring by developing the best technology for a modern, discreet user experience.

After launching in 2011, the company grew rapidly. Yet the numbers the company is most proud of are the thousands of clients who use it daily as an additional tool in their fight against addiction. “Seeing the number of customers who are voluntarily using Soberlink grow each month is the most rewarding,” says a company spokesperson.

Uses for Health and Safety

Soberlink has three distinct service categories: Addiction Recovery, Workplace Compliance and Family Law.

The Addiction Recovery Market has two options for providers: Certified Providers and the Share Program. Both programs keep clients accountable and connected to their healthcare providers and counselors from a distance.

Soberlink, sober, monitoring system, high-tech breathalyzer, alcoholShortly after its release in 2011, Soberlink partnered with major airlines and physicians’ health programs to create its Workplace Compliance Market. Soberlink provides real-time alcohol testing as an alternative, or in support of, standard urine testing. For careers where safety is the ultimate priority, it is essential that convenient, comprehensive testing methods are available.

For Family Law, the Level 1 Parenting Time Only option allows those who are co-parenting flexible verifiable options to ensure the safety of children. The program requires Monitored Clients to submit tests during their parenting time.

The Level 2 Testing Program for Family Law has more stringent dynamics. Daily testing is required on a fixed schedule, which is highly effective for monitoring and recording alcohol use. Testing times are managed by Soberlink’s web-based system, which can send reminder texts for scheduled tests and will document missed tests. A typical schedule requires two to three tests per day during waking hours.

Clients purchase a device and have a monthly monitoring fee. Most experts advise at least one year of monitoring.

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Soberlink, sober, monitoring system, high-tech breathalyzer, alcohol

Soberlink, sober, monitoring system, high-tech breathalyzer, alcohol

Soberlink, sober, monitoring system, high-tech breathalyzer, alcohol

Soberlink, sober, monitoring system, high-tech breathalyzer, alcohol



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