October 20, 2020

Five Proven Brand Building Strategies

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Your brand is much more than your company name, logo, and mission statement. Customers need to understand, feel, and experience your brand consistently if you want to grow your brand to become as successful as household names like Starbucks and Amazon. Here are five excellent brand building strategies you could try.

Create a Brand Promise

A brand promise allows you to build trust with your customers. The promise is the expectation a customer has for your business, so start the process of creating a brand promise by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Your brand promise needs to be genuine, and it should be better than your competitors’ promises. The brand promise needs to represent your company’s ideas, beliefs, and values. To create your promise, ask yourself why your company exists and why it does what it does. You then need to whittle those answers down into a simple concept or statement.

Make Your Logo Memorable

Although a logo is only a part of your overall branding strategy, it is imperative your logo stands out, is memorable, and relates to your business type. Using bright colors in your logo is just one way of ensuring it is powerful and memorable. To make your logo and brand name even more noticeable, try the traditional method of printing it on promotional products that you give to your customers and potential consumers for free. Promotions Warehouse provides a broad range of affordable promotional products, such as T-shirts, drink bottles, flash drives, and bags. By placing your brand on items that are frequently used, your brand will stay in front of potential customers’ eyes for a long time. So, your brand will gain more recognition over time.

Develop Your Brand Voice

If you want your business to become a leader in the marketplace, you need to determine the tone of your brand voice. Basically, that means the focus is not on what you say but how you say it. Your brand voice needs to speak to your target audience, so you must discover your customer demographics before you proceed with defining your tone. For example, if your primary audience is millennial hipsters, you will want to create a laid-back and modern brand voice. But if you are running a more formal business, such as an accountancy firm, you need to ensure your brand voice is more professional and trustworthy. Here is another option: branding studio.

Ensure Your Website Is Professional

Your website is the main home of your brand, so it needs to incorporate UX and UI design and be super-fast. If your site is slow to load, potential customers will soon leave and go to one of your competitors instead. By ensuring your website loads quickly, it will give prospective customers the impression that your company is established and professional. Your brand will then become synonymous with reliability and professionalism.

Build and Optimize Brand Signals

In this digital day and age, regardless of which sector you work in, you must make sure your brand ranks well on Google. Every brand must take steps to improve its Search Engine Optimization results. The higher-up your business appears on Google search results, the more your brand will become well known. In basic terms, Google separates companies that produce poor user experiences from ones that keep their customers happy. In addition to using SEO tools, you can build and optimize your brand signals by:

— Nurturing your loyal social media following

— Generating a lot of brand-related searches

— Ensuring your website provides an excellent user experience

— Using microdata in your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your web pages

— Building co-citations and links in your online content




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