July 11, 2020

E-Learning AI Expert

ENKI Technologies delivers E-Learning to students in a unique manner with a mission of creating a generation of self-taught students. Is that good or bad?

Photo: President and Co-founder Nektar Baziotis of ENKI Technologies).

By Susan Belknapp, California Business Journal.

Question: How good do you have to be to land a contract with the European Union and the United Nations?

Answer: Extremely good.

And that’s what Santa Monica, Calif. software developer ENKI Technologies has achieved.

Established in 2005, ENKI Tech and its entities, provide end-to-end solutions and specializes in custom software, mobile apps, branding and online sales strategies. It counts projects with the UN, EU and European Union Parliament amongst its client list and has completed more than 400 projects since its launch.

Technology has been in President and Co-founder Nektar Baziotis’ blood since childhood. He began developing software at a young age. “I started programming when I was 11,” he says. “I sold my first software at 16 – it was a database-management and repository system.”

He has received an education from some of the world’s foremost educational institutions. He studied Artificial Intelligence at MIT. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. His specializations include IT Project Management, IT Business Consulting, E-Learning, and AI.

“I knew early that I wanted to help companies grow and that I wanted to focus mostly on E-Learning,” he says. He even did his Master’s thesis on how to bring E-Learning to students to create a generation that is largely self-taught and give teachers tools to provide better educational material.

Baziotis is realizing his vision at ENKI, which is developing a new platform that provides E-Learning Educational materials to teachers and students worldwide. “By utilizing ICARUS AI, we are providing access to objective knowledge,” he says. “We are inventing or combining applications where videos are transcribed to the user’s native language no matter where they are.”

ENKI features a consistent process through multiple stages to ensure quality and cohesion throughout the process. This includes post-production customer service to guarantee the product is working as the client envisioned and that collaborators understand how to properly deploy the solutions. They start with business and technical analysis, then user experience and user interface design and prototype. After that, the company moves to development and quality assurance. The last step is deployment. Here is an example of the user experience design process.

“Even if a client comes to us with a strong idea, we still want them to go through our process,” Baziotis says. “It’s not binding, but we want to give our opinion and our perspective on specific subjects or projects or tasks but of course we will respect the original concept of the partner and we’ll work together for the best solution but we often do take it down to the foundation to make sure everything is working throughout the process.”

The timeline can be anywhere from two months to two years. It depends on how big the project is and how much input, design and iterations are required. Once the best experience is determined, ENKI starts implementing the technology. Or, as Baziotis says: “We don’t just do coding; we assist in making the best repeated decisions to cover all current and future needs.”

“Our major advantage is that we have years of experience in different markets so we can combine this knowledge to develop better products for our partners. We welcome all industries and so far, have created solutions related to hospitality, consulting, healthcare and finance for several startups, established companies and organizations.”

With offices in Santa Monica, Barcelona, Luxembourg and Thessaloniki, Greece, Baziotis’s team is uniquely positioned to develop whatever a client needs, anywhere in the world. “The market is growing very fast especially in technology and we find good-hearted people on every activity,” Baziotis says. “These add to our sense of place. In a nutshell, let’s evolve, while we take care of peace, freedom and the well-being of all of us and our planet.”

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Nektar Baziotis/CBJ

Nektar Baziotis/CBJ

Nektar Baziotis/CBJ

Nektar Baziotis/CBJ


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