January 22, 2020

Purely Natural

Neeta Singh was always fascinated using nature as medicine for healing and preventative purposes. That fascination led to a booming skincare business, Neeta Naturals.

By Leslie Hughes, California Business Journal.

When Neeta Singh was growing up in India, she would climb on her grandmother’s neem tree and eat its sweet leaves. Her grandmother would tell her that the tree was magical, that its leaves can be used as a natural medicine for both healing and preventative purposes.

The love of healing from the inside out followed Singh through her youth and into her adult life today, where she is the face, the name, and the brains behind the wellness and skincare brand Neeta Naturals.

Neeta Naturals features wellness products that range from face masks and serums to perfumes and oils. The oils are Singh’s “golden child.” Thanks to the culture she was raised in, she learned everything there is about the benefits of oils and other natural products from a young age.

The neem tree and its sweet leaves are used as a natural medicine for both healing and preventative purposes.

The neem tree and its sweet leaves are used as a natural medicine for both healing and preventative purposes.

Since luxury spas were non-existent in India, Singh took it upon herself to formulate her own spa-like treatments at home. “I would take vegetables and make masks out of them,” she says. “I would constantly ask myself ‘what can I use and how is it going to heal me?’”

Singh was particularly curious about her skin. “My uncle had a lot of pimples and I saw him suffering from it, so I became curious what I could do so people don’t suffer like that and be embarrassed and shy. So my grandmother and I started making our own skin oils.”

That interest shifted a bit when Singh entered the local Miss Bhopal beauty pageant. Despite the fact she had no experience, she won and went on to participate at the state level where she was runner-up. The natural next step was for Singh to become Miss India. However, her plans were foiled when her parents informed her that she was not to take the route of Miss India — and instead get married.

Per an arranged marriage, Singh wed a man who introduced her to the “world of organic,” which resulted in paying a great deal more attention to what she was eating. The couple moved to the U.S. and Singh worked as an accountant, and did threading and henna on the side. She also became an advocate for helping women build confidence.

“My exposure in the beauty industry working at different levels with different people gave me enough confidence to talk about what confidence looks like or how to do a selfcare as a woman or whatever role we are playing in life,” she says. “As a mother or a sister or a wife — how to be the woman that you are. It gave me enough strength to speak up and gave me ways to follow my passion.”

Once Singh had her son, the lightbulb for Neeta Naturals hit her. Later, as she saw her son struggling with acne issues, she created a neem facemask — and voila — his problems were gone. “I thought to myself ‘I have to write down this recipe. How did I do this?’”

Thus the start of Neeta Naturals. From the outset, Singh formulated different recipes for the skin and today has an array of products to keep individuals’ skin and body healthy.

Inspired by the traditions of her homeland, Singh studied ayurvedic medicine to expand her knowledge and take the concept of wellness to the next level. Ayurveda is now “a major part of my life,” she says.

“I practice Ayurveda, so Neeta Naturals is my life mantra. I practice it on a day-to-day basis. I have time for family, work, dancing and time for myself.” In fact, Singh starts her day off with selfcare — a two-hour soak in body oil, which she calls her “ayurvedic massage.”

Clearly, the passion is robust — and you can see the care Singh has put into her products. All Neeta Naturals products are zero-waste and cruelty-free, not to mention the fact that they are all hand-crafted and between 80-100% organic.

Singh gets her chamomile and other herbs from local farmers, and brings in saffron from Spain, as well as oils from India. Yet Neeta Naturals is more than just skincare. “It is a wellness brand,” she says, “so I will expand it into the wellness industry. We’re planning to get into edibles.”

This is the future, she says. “The day is not far where the doctor will no longer treat the human bodies with drugs, but will instead cure diseases with food and nutrition. Bring food into nutrition and make good choices about what we put on our body and in our body. Having a mental balance and a physical balance is critical.”

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Netta Naturals

Netta Naturals

Netta Naturals

Netta Naturals

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