February 19, 2020


Kelly Bagla, Esq., the founder of GoLegalYourself.com pioneered a unique brand of do-it-yourself legal services that caters towards entrepreneurs by offering clear, concise all-in-one legal package.

By David Chiodo, California Business Journal

All her life, Kelly Bagla knew she was going to be a lawyer. She can’t exactly explain why but says “from the age of five I knew I wanted to be a lawyer.” As she matured, she realized she was completely enamored with the power, prestige and influence of being an attorney.

Well, it’s a good thing she did become an attorney because “practicing law has become my passion,” she says.

Bagla has been practicing law now for more than 16 years. After a successful career as an attorney for a large international law firm dealing with corporate and securities laws, she decided to start her own firm that provides clients frank, accessible and transparent services. Bagla Law Firm, APC was founded in 2009 and later became the foundation of her newest business, GoLegalYourself.com.

“I noticed when I went out on my own, entrepreneurs who wanted to start their business go through the same struggles as everyone else that came before them,” she says. “As a practicing attorney, I’ve come across every case imaginable as far as entrepreneurs go and what they need to start a business.”

As her firm grew, Bagla discovered there weren’t any services that offered a complete, one-stop shop legal packages for entrepreneurs. So she decided to start GoLegalYourself.com.

Kelly Bagla, Esq., the founder of Bagla Law and GoLegalYourself.com

Kelly Bagla, Esq., the founder of Bagla Law and GoLegalYourself.com

“The way I see it, entrepreneurs that want to start a business have two options: one is to use the services of a law firm to create the startup package the right way.  But it is going to cost a lot money, which entrepreneurs don’t usually have.  The second option is to do it yourself by spending hours doing research as to what legal documents you need as a startup, then finding an online company and buying each document separately because online companies don’t sell complete startup packages. Also, they aren’t law firms, so they can’t give legal advice, which most, if not all, entrepreneurs need.”

“There is a third option,” she says – “and a better one at that.”

That is GoLegalYourself.com.

Bagla is an entrepreneur herself and knows just how hard it can be to start a business.  There is only one way to legally start a business and you need to make sure you start with a solid legal foundation.

“I was looking at what resources were available to entrepreneurs who just want the facts,” she says.  “I noticed there was a lot of information, especially on Google.  Honestly, half of that information isn’t worth the paper it is written on — and is really misleading.

“The purpose of Go Legal Yourself is to help entrepreneurs, period,” she says. “Unless you use a law firm to help you start your business, you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to legally protecting your assets.  Starting a business is a risky endeavor because you can get sued for anything at any time.  GoLegalYourself.com packages have everything legal you will need to start and grow your business the right way.”

Where Go Legal Yourself differs from other online legal services is that it offers entrepreneurs a complete package, from incorporating to client contracts. Plus you have direct access to an attorney who will walk you through your legal package.  This is essential for anyone starting a business.

“I have actually gone onto some legal preparation companies’ websites and have purchased some contracts and I compared them with mine.  There is no comparison from a legal standpoint,” Bagla says.

GoLegalYourself.com builds and designs packages that include legal documents specific to an individual’s business needs.  Every client of GoLegalYourself is backed by Bagla’s own firm – and therein lies the difference.

The creation of GoLegalYourself.com emerged from offering answers to questions that Bagla has been asked over the years by entrepreneurs.  She calls it the “Business Legal Lifecycle®.”

She breaks this down into the Four Phases of a Business’s Legal Lifecycle®:

  • Startup phase;
  • Growth phase;
  • Established phase;
  • Exit phase.

“In each phase, I talk specifically about what the requirements are that keep a business owner out of legal trouble,” she says.

In her personal and professional experience, Bagla noticed “entrepreneurs don’t think about their business as being a building — a solid entity.  When you first start out as an entrepreneur, the only thing you are thinking about is ‘I’m going to start selling.’ But there are other important things entrepreneurs need to start thinking about. The first thing is protecting yourself by incorporating your business. Protection is always number one.”

Bagla’s book Go Legal Yourself covers in great detail her Four Phases of a Business Legal Lifecyle®. She incorporates her personal and professional experience, sharing from her client’s successes and mistakes.

Bagla has already wrapped up her second book, “Go Own Yourself,” which is scheduled to be published in June and expands upon her first book.

Bagla also features a podcast, she draws from her lengthy and successful career to provide the public with a wealth of knowledge on all matters related to business.

When asked about the main driving factor of her ambition in life, she says she learned from the best, her father, who taught her, “If you want something, you have to want it from your heart,” she says.  “Anything that I have ever wanted, I wanted from my heart.”



Kelly Bagla, Esq.

Attorney At Law

5857 Owens Ave, Ste 300

Carlsbad, CA 92008

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