August 12, 2020


Intuitive Diagnostics help clients gather information via a ‘synergistic combination of intuitive and cognitive mega-data leading to comprehensive corporate insight to help make smart decisions and shrewd choices.


Living in China — and mastering the country’s unique business philosophies — had a huge impact on attorney and business consultant Stephanie Salt.

The impact was so huge that she changed her license plates from I SUE to I SERVE UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

Salt, the Founder and CEO of Intuitive Diagnostics, consults some of America’s top publically-traded and Fortune 500 companies on how China’s top CEOs and companies approach key business elements such as hiring top personnel, building a Board of Directors, mergers and acquisitions, and evaluating the personalities and characteristics of existing personnel and how its impacts colleagues and the overall company in a positive manner.

Stephanie Salt

It is considered a very secretive – and spiritual – behind-the-scenes process. Some top CEOs and high-ranking business executives believe wholehearted in China’s way of assessing business decisions and opportunities.

“You wouldn’t believe which CEOs and other top C-Level executives follow this ancient business philosophy,” says Salt, who was the first American to be admitted to the bar as an advocate by the High Court of South Africa in addition to being on the international USAID team that setup the International Financial Service Center in Gaborone, Botswana; a consultant with Ernst & Young on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Project; the Head of Intellectual Property at Altech in South Africa; and a professor at the International School of Cooperation in Wuxi, China.

“Look at Larry Merlo, the CEO of CVS,” Salt says. “He learned that the power of numbers are linked to ‘energy’ cycles and will not divulge his birthdate because of the power of this information in the hands of competitors. Same thing with Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines. You can look everywhere for his birthday but all you’ll find is that he was born in January 1959.” Merlo won’t even list his birth month – only the year he was born (1956).

So what does this all mean? “It’s one of the many business philosophies that China uses that can give a CEO and company in the U.S. another advantage in a very competitive landscape,” Salt says.

Stephanie Salt: “Maximizing global business in the Chinese Year of the Horse.”

Taking it a step further, “In China, by the time a person has walked through the door, whether it’s for a job or for a merger opportunity, the Chinese have done all their numbers, all their due diligence, and they have a complete picture of how that person is going to function in their company, the benefits of the relationship, the mega-physical SWOT analysis.

“They have all this information before the person even opens up their mouth,” she adds. “They create a huge advantage. They use traditional business practices and these synergistic tools as well. When you put them together you have a very powerful combination. This is what we do: help American companies understand and embrace this concept.”

One of Salt’s telecommunications clients originally approached her regarding a merger and acquisition opportunity. She assessed the dynamics of the merger and informed the CEO of the company, “Don’t do it. This will not work.”

One of her determining factors in the decision was the “poor energy” she detected and the fact that one CEO came from “old money” and the other “bootstrapped” his business.

The CEO rejected Salt’s assessment and went ahead with the merger.

Six months later, “both CEOs were at each other’s throats,” Salts says with a laugh.

The merger was undone and both companies lost millions. The CEO who originally contacted Salt “came crawling back” to Intuitive Diagnostics and promised that “he’d never not listen to us again,” Salt says. “He’s been an anchor client since and his business is thriving.”

Salt pauses for a moment and says, “We help clients gather all the information via a synergistic combination of intuitive and cognitive data. The result is comprehensive corporate insight so you can make the smartest decisions and shrewdest choices.”



Stephanie Z. Salt

CEO, Intuitive Diagnostics

Cell: 323-342-3327

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Latest comments

  • I’m just getting to know Stephanie as a friend and colleague but I’m already impressed by her business savvy, innovative ideas and warm, thoughtful presence. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with! You would be wise to consult with her before beginning any important business venture where insight, clarity and focus are needed. She has the right stuff to guide your organization to success.

  • This is just so powerful and pioneering. The term ‘powerful’ I use in the context of the energy of the Universe not ‘human power’. Our world ‘system’ has so much change to be done and every now & then one hears little nuggets such as these that gives us hope, that in fact, we are moving forward. Nameste.

  • Staphanie Salt is a hard working individual. We met in South Africa a couple of years ago and she is well known for her hard work and good work ethics. Keep up the good work and keep shining.

  • Stephanie is a colleague and friend and has my full endorsement for her insight and effectiveness. I have had the opportunity to work with her for the last two years and look forward to working with her more in the future!

  • Great article on such a humble and well deserving human being. I’ve known Stephanie for many years in South Africa and she brings many great gifts, insights and talents to help others with their authentic path.

  • It is fascinating to read about Stephanie’s work. She is a pioneer integrating business with spirituality in the western world.

  • Stephanie Salt was our cornerstone in the sale of our business to my husbands partner. As Lisa said she has an uncanny way of summing up the situation and knowing the truth behind the façade, she turned to whole situation around and made it acceptable for both parties. Love and trust her.

  • Terrific article on an outstanding individual with astute skill! For thinking outside the box, there is no one more qualified than Stephanie. She knows there is no box!

  • Stephanie is a very smart and savvy business woman who understands all dynamics of business; with tremendous success working in the US and abroad in China and South Africa. She brings a wealth of diverse professional experience (international, legal, financial, corporate strategies) that can enhance any organization’s short/ long term strategic goals!

  • Wow Stephanie, to have found such a fit for your natural gifts and talents that offers real solutions to known and potential problems; Your approach and expertise allows for the decision makers in any business endeavour to steer their direction towards ‘where they are going’ and the how they are going to get there. Fore warned is fore armed ….
    Your approach takes the (hidden and not so hidden !) stress out of wondering, and puts the fun and positive challenge back into inspiration, aspirations and decisions once made the anticipation of a successful outcome. Building inner and outer manifested as success for the individual as well as in the success of the enterprise.
    This article lifts ‘ the barrier’ for those who doubt …. there is more unseen than meets the eye ….. Your eyes and expertise can prove this.

    Thank you

  • Stephanie Salt is a quiet arsenal in your toolkit. She focuses on success without bloodshed. She understands business and interpersonal communications on a level few can ascertain. I have interacted with numerous clients of hers and all say she has this uncanny way of reading situations and knowing the truth behind the facade, regardless how labored, moneyed, or specific said facade is created and presented.

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