September 26, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Facts: How AI is Shaping the Business Landscape

Want to know how artificial intelligence is going to have an impact on your business? Read on for some artificial intelligence facts.

From the California Business Journal Newswires.

When you think of artificial intelligence, robots and futuristic programs come to mind.

The future is here.

Today, artificial intelligence is used in just about every industry, helping countless companies deliver their services faster and cheaper.

Keep reading to learn some fun artificial intelligence facts to understand how AI is impacting how we live and work.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

There is a little bit of confusion around artificial intelligence and what it really is. It’s one of those terms that people think they understand, but when you ask them to define it, they are at a loss for words.

Here’s a simple way to define artificial intelligence: using computer systems to do tasks that need some form of human intelligence to understand the nuances and context to complete the task.

Fun Artificial Intelligence Facts

Artificial intelligence is constantly being researched and improved upon. Here are some facts that you should know to better understand how fast the world is changing.

1. Artificial Intelligence Started in the 1950s

AI has been a part of fantasy and science fiction novels for decades. The movement started to take shape in the 1950s when Alan Turing asked why can’t machines do what humans can do.

2. Google Spends Millions on Artificial Intelligence

One of the leading AI research companies is Google. The company has invested more than $25 million on artificial intelligence solutions to address global problems.

Google is pursuing artificial intelligence solutions not to be a good corporate citizen. What the company is learning is being applied to its various products.

Take language translation as an example. If you were to translate something from English to Spanish, you have to understand the context of what is being said.

In Spanish and other Romance languages, there is a masculine and feminine version of nouns and adjectives. This can make a big difference in getting the proper translation that translation programs miss.

Google is researching AI solutions to know the context and give you a correct translation.

3. Artificial Intelligence is Understanding Images

Up until this point, AI research as focused largely on interpreting text. Recent research has focused on computer vision, where machines can interpret and identify images.

This is an exciting area of AI research that will help with face recognition technology, maps, medicine, and the automotive industry.

4. The Job Market Will Shift Because of Artificial Intelligence

With so much machine learning happening across industries, what will happen to the job market? It will be affected in a big way.

Factory and office workers are likely to be among those impacted. Some estimates say that more than 120 million people worldwide will lose their jobs because they are no longer necessary.

The Future is Now with Artificial Intelligence

You may have dreamed of watching robots take over as a kid thinking that was several lifetimes away. Well, the future is here thanks to machine learning.

These artificial intelligence facts show that artificial intelligence is impacting our lives and that will only grow over the next few years.

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