October 20, 2020

How UX/UI Designers Help Drive Businesses Forward

Nothing screams premium more than a website or application with high-quality UX/UI.

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From The California Business Journal Newswires.

Say you set up e-commerce. The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) can be the difference between a frustrated customer or a loyal one for years to come. The UX design is a process that aims to optimize a product or service (or, your e-commerce) so that users go through a simple and pleasurable experience. It’s about the overall “feel” of the website as your users scroll through. The UI focuses on the visuals and aesthetics of the service and harmonizes all the interactive pieces such as icons, buttons and spacings.

It’s worth the time and money to outsource your UX and UI to design agencies like this UX design agency in San Francisco. However, UX and UI aren’t just limited to the digital world. Even everyday products such as coffee mugs will have some sort of UX thought into it. But for the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss how UX/UI can improve your business in the context of e-commerce. Here is another UX design consultant.

Enhances Brand Recognition

Nothing screams premium more than a website or application with good UX/UI. An example would be Apple. Have you noticed how navigating their website (and their devices) seems to be a seamless experience for the average Joe?

The stats don’t lie. According to the Consumer Reports, people are able to form 75% of their judgment on how credible a website is on its aesthetics! However, if other aspects such as functionality and usability are lacking, people will quickly notice.

It’s simple. When users love the whole experience, they’ll stick with the brand, and you’ll develop a loyal fanbase over time. For as long as your service remains consistent, your service will be associated with quality.

Faster pages=more customers

In the e-commerce world, not many business owners are aware of how easily users abandon their websites because of slow loading times. A study from Forrester Consulting found that 40% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load a page. You are just that dispensable.

Consumers nowadays want beautiful websites with eye-catching fonts and animations. Unfortunately, it usually comes at the cost of slower load speeds that drives users nuts. A good UX and UI designer can do both without sacrificing one or the other. They often do this by optimizing the code of your website, images, and files of your website. Just make sure it’s not your slow internet connection that is causing the problem.

Reduce Costs for Bug Fixing and Marketing in the Future

A key component in the UX design phase is the research. A good UX researcher looks at what you can do for your products to reach its full potential by analyzing how users would behave, identify their needs and find out their motivations when scrolling through the website.

This research acts as the foundation for design strategy. It reveals any obstacles or flaws in your website. According to software engineer Roger Pressman, fixing an issue during the design process will only cost $1. After release, it racks up to $100.




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