September 26, 2020

Millennial Market Move-In: How OptionsSwing Opened the Stock Market to a New Demographic

Special to California Business Journal.

When thinking about the stock market, the first thought that comes to mind for most is a seasoned set of businessmen and women in nicely tailored suits, looking for the next big step to take to make their weight’s worth in profit. Traditionally, one doesn’t think young millennials are learning and playing the stakes with the stock market.

Until now.

With the new age of apps and technologies designed to make life easier for the younger generation, by the younger generation, one company emerged with the idea to combine these two worlds and give a more youthful audience the chance to step in and understand the stock market for all its worth.

At OptionsSwing, over 1,800 members enjoy advice and information sharing with experienced options traders, sharing with them knowledge and wisdom on the stock market’s ins and outs while simultaneously creating a safe environment for millennials to engage in stock market trade without feeling helpless or unguided.

Appealing to Millennials is a job best suited for someone who understands the millennial mind, and who better understands millennials than a person who belongs to that generation? OptionsSwing’s brilliance comes in the form of reaching the millennial generation by using the channels it is familiar with and the appeal to them.

One of their most prominent features is their extremely successful server found on a widely popular instant messaging platform known as Discord, an application used by many video game influencers as a means of connecting with their fans. OptionsSwing  utilizes other mediums—such as Instagram and YouTube—to reach audiences. All of these platforms serve as direct links to today’s millennials. As these platforms grow in popularity, it allows more individuals to explore these different avenues, setting OptionsSwing up for a great deal of notoriety.

In addition to its methods of connecting to its audience and providing guidance, OptionsSwing organizes its experienced options traders into groups based upon specialized strategies that hone in on different aspects of its model and the vested interests of the individual members. These groups are based upon different strategies that include things such as Swing Trading, Day Trading, and even ER Plays. All of these groups contribute to the overall goal of educating their users and advising them on making smarter decisions in the market. The Discord server isn’t the only outlet it have though: OptionsSwing has partnered with the YouTube channel “Everyday Growth Advisors” to expose its audience to other possible education tools via the channel’s weekly live streams every other day of the week.

OptionsSwing’s work in providing younger generations with the means to learn and understand the stock market without direct trial and error, for the most part, segues into a future in which the stock market could realistically include people of all ages—allowing people of a less seasoned portfolio to still engage in the market without having to suffer for mistakes made along the way. OptionsSwing is juiced about being an ‘Educational Options Trading Community’ that specializes in creating an educational platform on which users can learn and experiment in the world of trading with the guidance of experienced options traders.


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