May 24, 2019


Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels have created a unique health and wellness philosophy that is life-changing.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal
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Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine

Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine

HE WAS BROKEN — PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. He didn’t know what to do or where to turn. He had already seen several doctors and specialists yet he was still consuming a cupboard full of pills daily.

Nothing worked.

Until he met Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine, California.

“They changed my life,” Rhian Hendricks says. “I was a wreck. My life was a wreck.”

Life’s been wonderful ever since he stepped into the facility and into an exercise, diet and training program that has proven, time after time, to work.

“No one in Orange County does what we do,” says Pinto, a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle, CHEK Exercise Coach, and Reiki practitioner.

The proof is in the clients’ stories. Take Hendricks. For years, he had chronic headaches as well as back, neck and hip problems. Some of it had to do with his job – he’s a Senior Engineer at an Aerospace company. He sits virtually all day long. He also drives three hours a day to and from work. All his pain and discomfort inhibited his movement and worsened his headaches.

“The way you move is the key to it all – it’s all about integrated movement,” he says.

Some of Hendrick’s problems also had to do with his diet and lack of exercise. He was also bitter and angry – about himself, about life, his work — everything.

But then Daniels opened Hendricks’ “intrinsic core — his inner being, the connection to his soul.”

“I realized almost instantly that if you heal the body physically, it heals you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and intuitively,” Hendricks says.

He pauses for a moment, expressively moved by the discussion of his remarkable transformation.

“At first, I got all the physical benefits, then I realized the other benefits — it was helping me grow mentally and emotionally, not just physically.

“What I got from Wayne,” he continues, “was a purpose to live a healthy lifestyle. I became inspired to live a life that had more meaning and purpose.”

Hendricks is so overwhelmed by his personal and spiritual transformation that he plans to do for others what Daniels did for him. He is on his way to becoming a Level 4 CHEK Practitioner, corrective exercise facilitator and “worldly coach.”

Worldly coach? Well, when Daniels cracked open Hendricks’ intrinsic core, Hendricks discovered why he had so many problems and what was holding him back from living a heavenly existence.

Like many children, Hendricks was programmed by his environment – at home and school. In his environment, he was programmed to be analytical.

As a result, his creative side never evolved — until his experience at Transformation, Innovation Through Movement.

“I realized from Wayne that I did not pick this life,” Hendricks says. “It was chosen for me based on how I was programmed, which is the way most children are programmed in our society. I realized I was not making my own choices.

“That took away from my creative side,” he adds. “I didn’t know how creative I was in art – until Wayne brought it out of me. I’m very creative, yet I didn’t know it. It was something I really needed to know and take advantage of.”

His transformation has also made him more mature, more open-minded, and much more sensitive. His family, friends and associates are stunned at his amazing turnaround.

“I was very angry and I was taught to keep that within,” he says. “‘Be tough’ – that’s what I was told. I built an unbreakable wall. I was prone toward violence. It is how I grew up and I kept that behavior and attitude as I got older.”

He cannot wait to help people the same way he was helped.

“This experience helped me open up a bigger part of myself,” he says. “I see the part of myself that I did not know existed. I was being held back. It prevented me from growing.

“Now, I want to teach others to see the things they may not be comfortable seeing in themselves. I want to show them what that looks and feels like. When you’re able to face a part of yourself that you’ve been hiding, it’s a revelation. It’s wonderful. Yes, there is some fear and shame in that, yet there is a benefit: a very balanced approach to life.”

Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine

Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine


Pinto and Daniels were once broken — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Just like Hendricks. Their lives had spun out of control.

Pinto, for instance, walked away from a 30-year relationship and lavish lifestyle that included living in a multi-million dollar home and sipping champagne on private jets and yachts all over the world.

“I didn’t realize how unhappy I was until I opened up my body, until I awakened that deep intrinsic core,” she says. “I just started to see things differently.”

Pinto has always been a workout fanatic. She’s always been in magnificent shape. Her father was a marine drill instructor, body builder and amateur boxer and she worked out with him. She was – and still is — built like a Goddess.

And since she’s been working with Daniels, her entire mind, body and soul has completely opened up … wide.

“I’m 55,” she says, “and the vitality and life force I have is more than when I was 25.”

And she’s passing her secret on to everyone.

“A lot of people come here to be healed,” she says. “A lot of people are broken and don’t even realize it.”

One of her clients is Rechelle Durham, whose life was spiraling out of control. Pinto could easily see that Durham was fraught during a recent consultation. They sat down to talk. Pinto’s calm, compassionate and holistic approach resulted in Durham opening up and revealing her troubles.

“I was very nervous about an upcoming trip – I’m petrified of flying,” Durham says. To make matters worse, she was having relationship problems with her boyfriend. They got into “a silly argument” that escalated to a near-breaking point.

Pinto helped solved both issues.

First, the boyfriend: “Thanks to Patricia, I realized the problems I was having with my boyfriend related to a feeling of abandonment,” she says.

When she was young, Durham’s parents divorced and her father left home. She felt abandoned. That always haunted her and damaged several prior relationships. She didn’t realize it until they put two and two together.

Less than one hour later, Durham and her boyfriend patched things up.

“The argument left me wondering where our relationship was going and I felt he left me hanging,” Durham says. “I didn’t know where I stood in his life.

“But with Patricia’s help, I realized I misread the situation. She helped me adjust my energies and I was able to see things differently and accept new things. Now, when I experience a feeling of abandonment, I pull in the reins and use the tools Patricia helped me find within myself.”

Durham’s flight anxiety disappeared – for the first time in her life — when Pinto gave her an essential oil blend that helped alleviate stress and helped her relax.

“It was the best flight I ever had,” she says. “It was the first time I felt comfortable in an airplane.”

Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine

Patricia Garza Pinto and Wayne Daniels of Transformation, Innovation Through Movement in Irvine

The Experience

As Pinto sits in a meditation-like pose on a couch in her Irvine healing sanctuary, Daniels walks in, smoking a vaporizer bag filled with herbs, flowers and other natural essences.

He is incredibly lean and fit for his age – and like his partner — Daniels is full of wisdom and philosophical theories about the mind, body and soul – and his approach to fitness, health and wellness.

Some of his most enlightening and provocative comments include:

“Knowledge is not power – applied knowledge is.”

“Life is paradoxical, an illusion, a puzzle.”

“Whatever we think, there’s been an agenda in this country for two centuries – that’s why we have so many fast food places and why doctors hand out pills like candy. Why do these things exist when we know it does not work? Because unhealthy people run this country. They always have. They’re not conscious of what they eat, they don’t exercise enough, and they don’t know the body. To them, life is about money and materialistic things.”

“Ninety-eight percent of people are unaware of their true self. They’re living a complete illusion. Their job, their relationships, their lives are not working. They live in a mediocre state of existence and don’t know why because we’ve all been conditioned and programmed.”

The experience at Transformation, Innovation Through Movement is unquestionably rare, featuring tailored holistic lifestyle coaching, genetic dieting and nutritional planning, energy-building techniques, stretching and strength development weight loss, and Reiki life-force energy healing.

Its powerful program combines the study of the relationship between food and lifestyle, which provides the necessary tools required to improve health and overall wellness, Daniels says.

“We implement a mind, body and spirit approach to fitness, health and wellness,” Pinto adds. “We empower and awaken our clients through an intellectual, physical and spiritual fashion.”

Their program ensures that each client reaches their individual goal and a “sense of self-discovery.” Their mission is to provide effective, knowledgeable, and resourceful treatments that will pioneer dreams and goals into definitively rewarding, life-long results.

“The focus of our work begins by addressing each person’s inner core in correlation to the body, mind, and spirit as a whole,” Pinto says. “Through this approach, it enables us to empower you to make a lasting, lifelong, and fulfilling change to yourself, your experiences and your future.”

“With our methods,” Daniels adds, “people learn more about themselves, the attainable methods to discovering balance, and adopting their own personal gain in understanding the correlation between their emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual frontiers.”

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