October 28, 2020

How to get the best renters insurance in California

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With the price of real estate rising by leaps and bounds every second, renting is the only way people are managing to live in countries as costly and popular as the States. California is one of the busiest states here.

Thousands of people come here either in search of a job, or for studying.

Needless to say, because of the excessive demand, they have a hard time finding a suitable apartment for them. Even after finding the apartment, the job isn’t over.

Renters insurance provides a renter adequate safety and insurance to live in a place where cost of replacement surges much higher compared to the rent of the house you live in.

1)   Is it necessary to get the renters insurance in California?

California has some of the most strategically important places. Starting from Los Angeles to Sacramento, the renters insurance provides enough cover to protect renters from issues that can arise from staying in renter’s accommodation. San Diego attracts students from all over the world every year, San Francisco is the hub for tech workers, and the recent popularity of Silicon Valley has made these places very important for people looking for jobs and also houses.

Undoubtedly, getting the proper house, and the perfect landlord isn’t an easy job. It requires a lot of research, networking, the assurance of not getting evicted just when some peril hits home.

2)   Is renters insurance necessary even when the tenants don’t have much property?

Tenants don’t stay at their own houses, and are at risk of being evicted any moment. The tenant laws and insurance of whatever they possess can help them out. Renters insurance is necessary for these people as well.  To be honest, people who don’t own much property, are not likely to have enough cash to replace their stuff when an emergency arises. To get proper coverage in those times of need, the renters insurance comes in handy.

The common misconception is that only because the personal property doesn’t cost much, there won’t be enough coverage for it. However, a piece of property is your usable property nonetheless. It’s cheap price or its archaic manufacturing won’t make it anything less than that.

Dangers can come from any direction and we don’t really have many options after they have fallen upon us. The insurance acts as a cushion to protect us in those days. A sudden fire or water emergency can make your house inhabitable, won’t it? Ever thought about what you would do under those circumstances? That is where the insurance comes in. It covers all the costs of your accommodation if the damage is under the list of covered risks.

3)   How much is the premium of renters insurance in California?

Here’s good news. Despite the ever rising popularity of this state, the renter’s insurance in California is affordable. The average cost for someone residing in this state is around $200 per year. If your lucky stars align, more discount coupons would find their way to you.

The discount programs are also different in different companies and they are tailor made for various kinds of consumers.

  • Payment option discount: the mode of your payment can help you fetch discounts from these insurance providers. On the occasion of paying the entire bulk of the yearly premium in one go, you would be rewarded with a sizable discount. If that seems daunting to you, opting for paperless statements can help you get through better discounts as well.
  • Multi policy discount: Sometimes, what one insurance can’t do, pairing it up with another plan can. Clubbing two plans can increase the discount amount as well.
  • Safety discount: Are you extra careful from your side? Turns out, you get points for it. If you buy smoke detectors, or fire alarms, the insurance company can help you get them at cheaper prices.

4)    What are the different types of coverages available?

The best part with renters insurance is, it has something for everyone. Your needs, amount of personal property you own and the place you live help in shaping up the perfect renters insurance plan suited for you.

  • Personal property: Personal property coverage helps covering the repair and replacement costs of all the personal property you own. Starting from furniture to plumbing fixtures, clothing etc are all under the purview of this. However, your vehicle would require extra protection.
  • Additional living expenses: We all fear fires, or ghastly damages to our homes, right? However, how often is it under our control? The renters insurance of California has the provision of covering all the costs of food, lodging and transportation in those days when you can’t stay in your own house. However, the reason which caused this demolition must be listed under the insurance plan guidelines. Hence, it is always better to check that out with your insurance provider.
  • Personal liability coverage: Our damages can cost us much more than a dishevelled house in some cases. If a third party gets involved in this fiasco and claims damage, you need to get legally involved. However, most renters insurance covers up all the costs of lawsuits, and other medical expenses in case you need to bear any.

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