February 25, 2020

Essential Features for a Gaming Laptop

The world of gaming has evolved tremendously in the last decade as people have had the access to more powerful computers and games of a higher-quality built for them.

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When it comes to gaming devices, personal computers and gaming consoles are the most popular because of their capabilities of accessing the latest games at a higher performance.

As great as the two of them are, both PCs and gaming consoles tend to be very immobile most of the times and very unpractical when it comes to gaming while traveling.

For more mobile scenarios, smartphones and laptops represent the most suitable options.

Laptops tend to give up on some performance for increased mobility but, it doesn’t always have to be like that. The world of gaming laptops is quite big, the following features being essential for any gaming laptop.

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Graphics Card

The GPU, or graphics card of your laptop, represents the most important aspect when it comes to gaming. If you don’t have a powerful enough GPU, you will not be able to play the latest games, regardless of all your laptop’s other specifications.

The Graphics Cards are responsible for handling the 3D elements and the games. The better your GPU is, the smoother your games will run. The gaming GPUs from come with dedicated RAM memory (VRAM) that they can use solely for the games.

Even if GPUs with more VRAM usually promise a better gaming performance, a Graphics Card with 4GB of RAM should be enough for most regular users. If you’re planning on playing hardcore VR games with complex elements, a quality GPU with 8GB of RAM will prove to be just about enough.


Even if your CPU is not going to impact your gaming experience as much as the GPU, it’s still highly important. For gaming purposes, you should consider a CPU from Intel, i5 generation 6th should be the minimum.

Having a powerful enough CPU will prove to be important in your day-to-day online activities as well. Even if it will not have such a huge impact on your high-end gaming experience, the CPU could impact your browser gaming.

In the world of browser gaming and online casinos, your CPU will have the most impact on your performance. Playing Stargames on the internet will prove quite practical for most people since it doesn’t require the latest hardware for an optimal gaming experience.

Fortunately, the world of online casinos can be accessed even with weaker CPUs since the casino games are designed in such a way that they are accessible to more people. Having an Intel i3 processor, or even a Pentium 4 will prove to be just about enough for casino games.

However, if you intend to play more high-end games, and to get yourself involved in other complex online activities, having minimum an i5 of the latest generation is a must.


In comparison with gaming computers and all of the impressive displays built for these devices, the screen options for laptops are a lot more limited. If on a PC you can change your display at any time, with a laptop you’re stuck with the initial display. Because of that, picking a laptop with a great display is a must for the long term.

Even if laptops give up on the size of the displays for more mobility, you don’t have to give up on your gaming experience. Even if smaller, if buying a laptop with a higher resolutions display, preferably OLED, you might not even feel the difference.

The size of the screen matters a lot when it comes to gaming; the more room you have, the better you can play. However, the quality of the display might matter a lot more.

Laptops come in a lot of display variations, both from size but also from a quality standpoint. Laptops with smaller displays anywhere from 11 up to 13-inches represent perfect options for traveling, although they sacrifice a lot of the experience by using a smaller display.

The most regular laptops have 15.6-inch screens which represent a perfect middle ground between mobility and practicality. However, for those that want more screen, laptops with displays as big as 17, and even up to 20-inch sometimes, could be found on the market.


Owning a gaming laptop comes with many benefits considering the increased portability of this device, and the gaming opportunities that it presents. Even if building a gaming laptop from is more difficult to do, the three factors mentioned above are a must in any decent gaming device capable of running the latest games.

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