September 21, 2020


When Francisco Sandoval felt the music industry was flooded with subpar DJs, he decided to create his own DJ agency featuring “the cream of the crop.”


Even at the age of 12, Francisco Sandoval recognized that nothing impacts a party more than the DJ.

Not food. Not drinks. Not the venue.

The DJ is the one who makes it all happen. He is the one who creates the vibe, the excitement, the environment.

“The DJ is the heart of any event, whether it’s a wedding or any other kind of party,” Sandoval says. “They’re the ones who make – or break – the party.”

Sandoval has been a sought-after DJ since he was as young as 16 years old. As the profession has taken on a much more serious nature with today’s social atmosphere and the advent of creative hip hop dance mixes, Sandoval launched his own DJ company in 2014 called Famous DJ Agency, featuring the “best of the best” in the industry – “DJs who really captivate their audiences.”

DJ Agency CEO Francisco Sandoval (center) anchored by Branden Vasquez (Left) and Matt Fiala (Right).

Before Sandoval launched his agency, the industry was flooded with “people calling themselves DJs,” he says. “I felt it was time to separate the mediocre from the best and offer people amazing DJs – the best the entertainment industry has to offer. DJs who really have the skills and know what they’re doing and take their job seriously, not just someone who thinks they’re a jukebox.”

By the age of 12, Sandoval had developed his dazzling DJ skills at his Southern California home, performing at family functions.

“Music was always my thing ever since I was a little kid,” he says. “I was experimenting all the time with it and I loved creating playlists and mixing songs.”

He quickly realized that, as the DJ, “I was the one who was in control of the party, the entire environment,” he adds. “It was all me. The success or failure of the party was in my hands. I felt the power of it.”

When Sandoval attended parties and watched DJs who were subpar, he decided it was time to separate the mediocre DJs from “the cream of the crop” and that’s when he created his own agency.

The move has worked out brilliantly. Sandoval’s company has set the bar quite high, ranking among the top five of DJ companies in Southern California.

Sandoval’s agency features 15 DJs, including four of the best in the field — DJ Navics, DJ Shaggy, DJ 4KO, and himself, DJ Pakman.

“I wanted people who looked at this as a career, not a hobby,” Sandoval says. “I look for DJs who want to build their image and their brand. High quality DJs who have really developed their skills and have studied their craft.”

Francisco Sandoval, President

Famous DJ Agency

12020 Rivera Rd.

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

(562) 396-4873

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