August 19, 2019


Carlos Trillo, CEO of Evinex

Carlos Trillo, CEO of Evinex

When it comes to web design, digital marketing, branding, search engine optimization and mobile apps, Evinex sits among the industry leaders.

By Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal

The question was simple and direct: “How did you come up with the name Evinex?”

Carlos Trillo, the CEO and Founder of Evinex, smiled and gently placed down his fork next to his breakfast plate one recent morning at the Center Club Orange County in Costa Mesa, California.

“The first two letters (Ev) stand for evolution,” he begins. “The next two (in) stand for innovation. And the last two (ex) stand for excellence.

“This philosophy,” he adds, “is now combined in our mantra ‘Making It Better.’”

If you want creativity and dynamic results when it comes to web design, digital marketing, branding, search engine optimization and mobile apps, Evinex is an ideal choice since it is among the most inventive leaders in its space.

Evinex specializes in the aforementioned categories – and the company excels in every phase of the game.  Trillo has put together a dynamic team of marketers and designers to form what is one of the leading companies in its space.

“We’re different because we achieve results,” he says. “The websites and digital marketing strategies we provide must be perfect.”

And they are.

“A company’s website is the most important element of its digital presence because it is the only thing prospective clients see initially,” Trillo says. “Users spend fifteen seconds to decide if they want to stay on your site or leave. There’s so much competition. You need to stand out – and a great website is the place to start.”

white keybdAt Evinex, everything is customized – from the website itself to all the branding and marketing materials. Evinex is based in Newport Beach, Orange County, and has a global team of more than 20 people who are among the best in their fields.

“We do the highest quality work in house – nothing is outsourced,” Trillo says. “We have a special culture in our offices. We have a very young team where the communication and creative expression is wide open. It’s all about freedom of expression and having fun.”

Trillo is a scholar. He has multiple university degrees – a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Business Administration from the European University of Madrid. He also has a Masters in the Science of Video Games from the same university. Additionally, he attended UC Irvine, where he earned several certifications and awards, including two times the Top Student Award and the Alumni Achievement Award.

“I love education – I really love to learn,” he says. “I’m very curious. I like knowing how things work and I love to solve problems and issues.”

Trillo’s love and passion is for video games, yet the capital required initially to jump start a company is quite high, so he decided to put it on the back burner for a while. However, with Evinex flourishing, the company has started to create its first video game, which will be published on 2017.

Yet, Evinex will continue to deliver web-related solutions to its vast array of global clients.

“I’m glad I’m in this space – I wanted to find a business where I can make a difference in people lives and in their businesses,” he says. “And I’m doing just that. I love it.”


Carlos screenerTo read the magazine article on Evinex, click here.

Contact Evinex

620 Newport Center Dr, Suite 1100

Newport Beach, CA 92660

+1 949-432-3220

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