September 21, 2020


Emma Baumberg, The Beauty Spot, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Emma Baumberg, The Beauty Spot, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Few people locally possess the knowledge, experience and passion for healthy skin like Emma Baumberg, owner of The Beauty Spot in Huntington Beach, Calif.


AFTER YEARS OF ACTING, DANCING AND WORKING IN VARIOUS CREATIVE POSITIONS IN HOLLYWOOD AND LONDON, Emma Baumberg was faced with a critical life decision. With her first child on the way, she decided “it was time to let one dream go and create another.”

That dream was a family and to establish her own small business locally – a business where she could make clients feel “great” about themselves and their lives.

“Of all the businesses that were most like me, this is the one,” she says, turning toward the front door of her salon, The Beauty Spot, in Huntington Beach, Calif.

As Mrs. Baumberg, a licensed esthetician and highly-experienced makeup artist, points toward the door, like an actress finishing a scene with dramatic flair, you can’t help but also notice the sign on the door: “Shhh, pampering in progress.”

Quite an understatement.

At The Beauty Spot, brace yourself for a memorable skin massage experience – as well as a valuable lesson in health care and treatment.

Few people locally possess Mrs. Baumberg’s touch, let alone her knowledge, experience and passion for healthy skin and makeup.

As a professional actress, dancer and performer, she learned extensively about the importance and advantages of beauty and skin care. Now it’s really paid off in her new business.

Emma Baumberg, The Beauty Spot, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Emma Baumberg, The Beauty Spot, Huntington Beach, Calif.

“I miss acting but certainly not the politics that go along with it,” she says with a laugh as she prepares to cleanse a client’s face followed by an ultra-professional level of exfoliation, facial massaging and skin analysis. “Acting is great when you get the job but it’s what you have to do to get the job that’s so frustrating. It owns you.”

Now, it’s the other way around as she builds a flourishing business on a solid foundation of skill, experience, passion and knowledge. Just one glance at Mrs. Baumberg’s milky white, radiant, extremely healthy skin clearly illustrates her philosophy, mindset and the quality of the work she provides.

Don’t expect any shortcuts here.

“I want to change people’s minds about skin care,” she says, continuing the “pampering” of her client. “It should not be considered a luxury. It is a necessity. Just like teeth and general hygiene care — it should be part of everyone’s health and well-being.”

She’s right. Not long ago, she spotted a subtle, nearly-invisible lesion on a client who immediately had it checked by her dermatologist. It was cancerous – but it was caught in an early stage.

“It’s so rewarding,” Mrs. Baumberg says. “It’s great to be part of the process that helps people. I love hearing stories like that from clients. It’s wonderful to help make a difference in people’s lives. It makes me feel like I’m doing something great. That’s part of the reason I decided to do this.”

Raven Emmert’s life did a 180 turnaround when she came to The Beauty Spot. A student at Cypress College in California, Mrs. Emmert developed blemishes because of stress and diet,  damaging her confidence.

“I was with another esthetician a few years ago, but she was always pressuring me to buy more product – I was uncomfortable,” she says. “So my mom introduced me to Emma, who I love. I love her approach – and she’s super super affordable to boot.”

Her skin has improved and what she has learned from Mrs. Baumberg is priceless.

“With me, it’s internal health issues and it came out on my face,” she says. “Emma taught me how to work with it and how to control it – it’s the enemy inside.

“She taught me what and what not to use if your skin is dehydrated. Some people told me benzoyl peroxide, a chemical, quickly dries out a pimple, but in some cases, like mine, it may cause another flare up.”

Under Mrs. Baumberg’s care, Mrs. Emmert has gained more confidence that she is properly taking care of her skin while “using some of the tricks Emma showed me,” she adds with a laugh.

Those tricks – or secrets – include what product to use, skin-chemistry secrets, how to balance the PH of your skin, and holistic methods.

Mrs. Emmert once tried coconut oil for a week and her skin did not react well. Mrs. Baumberg taught her the chemistry behind coconut oil on skin like hers. “Now I always talk to Emma first before I try any product on my skin.”

4Heather Higgins’ experience with Mrs. Baumberg is quite similar.

“Emma is so special and it starts with her personality,” she says. “She’s super sweet and amazing in every way – she’s warm and friendly and treats you like family.”

Equally importantly is that “she’s super knowledgeable,” Ms. Higgins says, “and she goes way beyond what the normal esthetician does. No one is as attentive as Emma. Her attention to detail is staggering. I always look forward to seeing her. She makes my day.”

The Beauty Spot’s list of services includes customized facials, body treatments, facial waxing and makeup artistry. Best thing about it is that it’s currently $60 for her trademark 75-minute session, which includes a luxurious European massage. When Ms. Emmert refers to the pricing as “super super affordable,” she’s not kidding. “I’ve never found that anywhere else.”

When it comes to your skin, Mrs. Baumberg sees what you can’t.

“I love the health and well-being side of this business,” she says. “I also love making people feel great – and look great. I enjoy relieving the stress from their lives. It’s a shame that skin therapy isn’t considered essential enough to be covered by insurance, because I’ve personally witnessed the health benefits in my clients’ lives.”

Her therapy genuinely changes people – and more people seriously need to consider skin therapy as part of monthly expense.

“Your skin represents what’s going on inside of you,” she says. “That’s why it’s so important to take the best care possible of it. As many people say, it’s not a luxury – it’s a necessity.”




Emma Baumberg, Owner and Licensed Esthetician

The Beauty Spot

7862 Warner Avenue, Suite H, Studio 22

Huntington Beach, Calif.

(714) 330-5696


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