August 5, 2020

How to Effectively Market Your Video Production Company

For new players in the industry, finding and informing the right people of your ability to deliver that process is perhaps even more challenging.

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A great deal of passion and dedication goes into running a successful video production company. Creating a compelling storyboard, incorporating appropriate elements, filming exciting footage, and using masterful editing to deliver an outstanding product is a process that your clients expect but seldom fully appreciate.

For new players in the industry, finding and informing the right people of your ability to deliver that process is perhaps even more challenging. How exactly do you build a portfolio and ensure a steady stream of clients? Consider the following practical methods for effectively marketing your video production company.

Market Research

Often overlooked but always essential, market research is the first step in putting together an effective strategy. It will help you learn about who exactly your competitors are, as well as what they can and cannot do. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will give you the information you need to develop a more attractive offer.

No less important than understanding your competitors is identifying the needs and behaviors of your potential clients. In doing so, you can formulate a strategy that more effectively leans in on your specific target audience. Your research can involve surveys, interviews, and analysis of things like statistics and market reports.

Value Proposition

Successful video production companies offer something their competitors don’t. It’s worth noting that this is almost never lower rates, which are more often the cause of a competitive disadvantage due to their relation to sub-par production quality. Instead, it needs to be something that your company does really well.

It can also be something unique that draws in a specific market, such as high-speed car camera rigs for automotive companies who want exciting promotional footage of their new model. Knowing your value proposition will help you formulate a more targeted marketing strategy.


Given the nature of your relationships with clients, there’s great importance around building connections through face-to-face networking. Your company isn’t selling mass-produced products that fly off the shelves before being restocked for another batch of customers – it’s quite the opposite.

Your work is the culmination of weeks or months of collaboration. Those who seek the services of a video production company know this, which is why they will seek one that values their relationships. Spend time at trade shows and events where you can engage with potential clients and show interest in their business.


In a similar light, you probably know that word-of-mouth is a major source of business for video production companies. If your clients are happy with the final product and the experience leading up to it, you can ask them to give a few words about your company. This can serve as a great promotional tool, especially if your clients share on social media.

Marketing Methods

Speaking of promotional tools, you need to know which marketing methods will be most effective for promoting your video production company. This means performing research on the platforms that are best suited for your specific industry. Of course, essential elements include a website and a social media presence.

But you might want to look into other solutions as well, such as sending out a newsletter to attract new clients and keep them engaged. After identifying an effective method, you should take the time to perform research on the right tools related to its utilization. In this case, for example, you’ll want to learn about which email marketing services to use.

Social Media

Touching more on social media, platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some of the most effective ways to promote your video marketing company and obtain new customers. You can use them to form relationships with potential clients and stay in touch with those you have already worked with.

Social media is the perfect place to ask questions and spark discussions, which is a great way to gain new insights into how you can improve your service. Remember to provide value instead of focusing solely on promotion. Your audience needs a reason to follow you, such as special offers or informative content related to video production.

Quality Production

Finally, this should be a no-brainer for any company. Video production is one area where there’s no payoff for taking shortcuts. Providing great quality work is the only way to get clients to continue doing business with your company. It’s also how you get them to give other potential clients a reason to consider working with you.

Quality production is the result of numerous key elements. You need to provide a project that is carefully planned and developed after extensive communication with the client about what they want. Don’t skimp on equipment and ensure that you hire the best employees for the job. It may cost more, but the long-term benefits are well worth it.

Effectively marketing your video production company largely comes down to knowing your market and the methods you can use to engage with them. Don’t forget the importance of providing value in everything you do.

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