August 5, 2020

Why Conference Calls Are Still Important in the Electronic Age

Are you wondering what is a conference call and why are they important in the business world? If yes, you should click here for some important things to know.

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Whether you’re operating a single store or managing a multi-national company, communication is at the heart of business. As such, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll end up needing to make a conference call at some point.

Conference calls make communication easier and more efficient, but mastering them can be a bit of a challenge. For information on what is a conference call and how you can use conference calls to grow your business, keep reading,

What Is a Conference Call And Why Are They Important?

A conference call is a telephone call in which more than two parties are on the line at the same time. Think of it as a standard meeting, but without the geographic restrictions since participants can be in the next room, a block away, or across the globe.

It’s understandable that the concept of a conference call might seem a little outdated in an era where we have texting and email. But a conference call actually offers several benefits over these forms of communication.

Take email, for example, which is convenient yet asynchronous. Unless the person is at their desk the moment you send an email, you may have to wait for hours or even days for a response, which can be problematic if you need information quickly.

Texting and email can also lead to confusion. Since you can’t hear the other party’s tone of voice, it’s all too easy to misconstrue their message.

Setting up a Conference Call

The great thing about conference calls is that they’re easy to set up! You’ll only need a few things to get started.

You can even set up a conference call on your iPhone . Just make a call, then tap ‘add call’ and add up to three other parties.

If you need to add more than three people, you’ll want to consider partnering with a conference call service. Using a free conference call service like Conference Town allows you to call up to 5,000 people to your call, record your calls, and more all without spending a penny.

Conference Call Etiquette Tips

When making a conference call, you’ll want to follow a few basic rules to come across as professional.

Always begin by introducing yourself, then let all other parties do the same. You should also introduce yourself whenever you’re speaking to clear up any confusion.

No one wants to spend all afternoon on a call, so come into the meeting with a clear indication of what you want to accomplish. After a few minutes of chatter and greeting, get down to business.

Speaking of chatter, this isn’t the time for small talk. Instead, call in a bit early to catch up with everyone.

Save Time and Money With Conference Calls

Conference calls are quick, efficient, and a great way to further your company’s goals. If you came into this article wondering ‘what is a conference call?’ we hope we’ve cleared some things up.

And remember to check back with our blog for more helpful content like this so you can keep growing your company!

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