With his wife suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Bob Pond left his high-ranking financial services position to take care of his beloved bride – and then he hit the jackpot by creating CerTech Gels, an industry-transformational substance that extends the life of automobile engines.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal

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CerTechGels Bob Pond w carFOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, Bob Pond worked in the banking industry. He surged as a high as a Vice President with Farmers & Merchants Bank, one of the reputable financial institutions in the country.

Life was grand in sunny Southern California.

Then, in 1993, Pond’s beloved wife, Lois, began suffering from Parkinson’s disease. By 1999, she had deteriorated to the point of needing around-the-clock assistance.

Pond, 52 at the time, had a huge decision to make: hire a nurse or take care of Lois himself. He chose the latter — and left the banking sector.

Pond, who has degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and did graduate work at Princeton in Theology, began consulting a little here and there, yet he needed to be at home as much as possible during the day to take care of his wife.

For months, he wracked his brain, trying to figure out what else he could do from home, some other ways to earn a steady income – and stay true to his life’s commitment: solving problems and helping people.

One day a friend of his mentioned during a phone conversation that he was adding a ceramic compound to his engine. Pond knew all about engine and fuel additives, but he didn’t know anything about this one. He soon learned that it was a substance that extends the life of vehicles by repairing worn engine surfaces, improves fuel performance, stops and prevents oil leaks, eliminates blowby and improves the overall power and performance.

As a huge car enthusiast who still often daydreams about his first car, a 1964 Chevy Nova, Pond became fascinated with the compound. He was so impressed that later on he purchased the company, refined the product to make it even more effective, and renamed it CerTech Gels.

Today, the product is turning heads in the oil-additive industry — not to mention saving people thousands of dollars.

Take Clare Cranford from Santa Rosa, California.

“My PT Cruiser was going 0 to 60 … in five minutes,” she says with a laugh. “It had no power whatsoever and the transmission was slipping.”

She heard about Pond’s creation and purchased it online.

Three weeks later, “it was like someone had put in a new V8 in my car,” she says. “I was flying up hills. I was astonished.”

Cer Tech GelDavid Green experienced similar results. His  ’01 Camry was barely running. His mechanic had told him that he needed an engine overhaul. The cost would be $3,500, possibly more.

“I didn’t have the money – I was living paycheck to paycheck at the time,” Green says. “I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was so stressed out.”

Enter CerTech Gels.

Green added the product to his oil. Three weeks later he called Pond.

“You saved my car – and you saved me,” he told Pond.

When Green took the car back to his mechanic, “his jaw dropped to the ground,” Green says. “It was like he’d seen a ghost.”

With CerTech Gels, Don Hadley of Anaheim, California drove his 1998 Ford Explorer over 300,000 miles. His 1997 GMC Savana van has 200,000 miles and is still running strong.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime,” he says. “I’m not a chemist, but goodness gracious, does this stuff work. My engines run smoother and quieter with CerTech.”

Without it, he says, his Ford would likely not have lasted beyond 150,000 miles.

Industry-Transformation Product

So just what is this miraculous compound and how does it work so effectively?

The product is made from a synthetic lubricant and a proprietary blend of natural minerals. More than 3,000 vehicles have been treated recently with the gel and not one has responded without glowing results.

“When metal hits metal inside an engine, it wears away a microscopic portion of the metal every time they collide,” Pond says.

Over time, it takes a massive toll, wearing down and eventually destroying the engine.

However, when CerTech Gel is applied, its active ingredients are attracted to the heat and it instantly begins to rebuild the microscopic portion of the slowly deteriorating metal inside the engine, whether it is the bearings in the crank case, the rings on the pistons or the cylinder walls.

“Over time, the rings on the pistons get stuck from carbon deposits and do not seal properly,” Pond says. “CerTech Gels frees up those rings and enables them to spin smoothly and freely.”

Pond was astonished himself when he refined the original compound and used it in his own vehicles. The result was remarkable, he says.

Before he refined the product and manufactured it under his own brand, Pond had already securely established himself in the business. He was supplying 80 school districts and municipalities, who were using his additives in their fuels for their buses, service trucks and trash trucks.

“What CerTech Gels does is fine tune and repair engines economically without wrenches – you don’t have to tear the engine apart,” he says. “That’s the feature. The benefit is that people who can’t afford a new car can extend the life of their car. And people who can’t afford an engine overhaul don’t have to.

“What CerTech Gels does is harmonically balance the engine and reduce friction.”

For mechanics and car dealerships, the product is a nightmare. Obviously, they would prefer to overhaul your engine, or sell you a new car, rather than sell you a compound like CerTech that will solve engine troubles.

“I’ve known Bob Pond for 30 years – we met when he was in banking,” Californian Larry Smith says. “He is one of the most positive, honest and energetic guys you could ever meet. He’s had some adverse things happen in his life, yet I’ve never seen him down. Ever. He is a very loving person and his relationship with his wife is — and should be — a model for many people.

“When Bob created CerTech Gels,” Smith adds, “he found a winner. When he first mentioned it to me, my reaction was, ‘Great – another snake oil product.’ But now I am a believer. The product has proven itself to me, my family and friends. It’s a product that works – and works well.”

Smith has treated all seven of his cars with CerTech. All performed better and lasted longer than he anticipated.

“I gave it to a friend of mine — his ‘95 GMC Suburban had a power steering pump that was squealing,” Smith says. “He used CerTech and not only did it stop the squeal, but it stopped all the weird noises he was experiencing in the engine.”

Says Pond: “I’m into things that work and I’m into helping people. That’s me. I live for improving things — taking things that work and making them better.”




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