May 25, 2020

Business Time Management Tips to Get Ahead in Your Industry

Do you constantly find yourself long on tasks and short on time? Use these business time management tips to outperform your competition.

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If you are a small business owner, you know that your most valuable commodity is not your marketability or return on investment rate. It is time.

Learning and implementing effective business time management strategies is essential to stay ahead in your industry.

If your work life is taking up all the hours in your day, take a look at these time management tips for small businesses.

Tools and Tips

Managing a small business is no easy feat. Proper time management is not only important for you but will stand to benefit your whole business. Keep reading to see how you can better manage your time using these tools and tips:

Use your time wisely

If you find you find your motivation draining or your brain checks out for the day at 6 PM, take note of when it happens and why. While working on multiple projects at once may feel productive, multitasking is not good for productivity.

Allow yourself to take breaks when needed and do not take on more work than you can handle.

Delegate tasks

Part of using your time wisely and maintaining productivity is knowing when to delegate tasks to someone else. Managing a small business means having a long to-do list, but having qualified people you trust to help you finish projects is key to surpass your competition.

Identify your distractions

It is easy to get sidetracked at work, but what is distracting you? If your phone is buzzing in your pocket or Facebook and Twitter notifications are popping up on your computer screen, eliminate these distractions or utilize functions like the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone and computer.

Allowing yourself short breaks throughout your workday helps to cut down on distractions and refocus your mind. If social media is a tool used by your small business, use it only when it is necessary. Check your professional social media pages once every hour at most for notifications or updates.

Use a calendar app

One of the most important tools of proper time management is a calendar. Online or mobile calendar apps are very versatile. Check for these key features when looking to download a calendar app:

  • Read it at a glance
  • Able to be edited and personalized
  • Compatibility
  • Synchronizes with other apps and programs (iCloud, Google Suite, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Allows you to plan weeks or months in advance
  • Search for events and dates on your calendar

You can learn how to organize and prioritize your daily tasks and improve your business time management with reliable tools. We recommend this Calendly alternative app for managing your time and small business.

Time is Money

In order to utilize your business time, use your time wisely and know when to delegate tasks to other people. Learn how to identify and eliminate your distractions and use tools like the Easy Calendar mobile app.

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