August 12, 2020


In a time of struggle, Bronwyn Ison found her purpose by launching a yoga, wellness and balanced living platform.

By California Business Journal

Having been through extreme financial loss as a single mother while battling Valley Fever, which is often a fatal condition, Bronwyn Ison found inspiration through her time of challenge.

In a position where many would have chosen to give up, she chose not to give in.

Connecting deeper to her yoga practice while exploring ways to become financially sound as she fought to regain her health, Bronwyn realized the overall impact her practice was having on her.

Through a period of overwhelming physical, mental and emotional stress, she found herself experiencing enhanced mental clarity, sound emotional balance and a physical transformation.

In her time of struggle, Bronwyn found her purpose and true calling by launching the online platform for Bronwyn Ison Yoga, Wellness and Balanced Living.

Since creating her platform, Bronwyn has received testimonials from clients throughout the USA, who value the on-demand solution they can access anywhere, anytime.

The monthly subscription service offers yoga classes for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced. For the time pressed executive, wanderlust traveler, on-the-go moms, young professionals and college students, the online classes impart a message of inspiration while working to reduce stress, which is the catalyst for many illnesses.

“Bronwyn is such an encouraging teacher that has guided me through my early yoga days, making me feel comfortable,” says a client.

“I’m new to the yoga world, and have to admit I was intimidated to even go to a class in fear of not knowing what or how to do yoga,” he adds. “I have worked hard to stay fit all of my life, but with the birthday candles adding up (41), I’ve found new aches and pains. As a working professional, time is limited and I was worried yoga wouldn’t give me a ‘good enough’ workout, therefore needing to do the gym, along with cardio to stay in shape. I was wrong. Yoga truly gives me everything — strength, core, balance, and cardio all in one — and the best part is that yoga forces me to stretch. As a guy, I’m not very flexible, so the stretching is huge for me and my back.”

Says another client: “By using my Ujjayi breathing outside of yoga, it has changed the way I handle each and every task placed in front of me throughout the day. I have seen massive improvements in my decision-making skills since starting my yoga practice. Physically, I am gaining flexibility, strength and improved balance- much more so than with any other workout. Yoga combines three daily necessities for me into one: mediation, exercise, and stretching. I work a lot on my computer as many of us do, and needed a remedy for all the negative side effects that come along with it. Yoga has been the perfect solution, as my mind and body only feel better after each class.”

In addition to her online brand of yoga and wellness, Bronwyn owns Evolve Yoga in La Quinta, California. Her brick and mortar destination in the desert has become a favorite retreat for locals, as well as for those who vacation in the Palm Desert throughout the year. Bronwyn is a sought after TV and live event host, professional speaker, media contributor, Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero, and lululemon brand ambassador. Her expertise has been featured in Palm Springs Life Magazine, Desert Health News, Coachella Valley Weekly and VoyageLA, alongside guest appearances on KESQ & KMIR and various podcasts.

“Work-life balance is what so many professionals are aiming to achieve, including myself,” she says. “Currently, I work a lot with executives and corporations, because they see the need and value they receive by incorporating yoga into the workplace.  They recognize a healthy workplace is a productive workplace.  Employees are less stressed, more focused, have enhanced productivity and are happier in their work environment.

“After watching clients from all walks of life at various ages transform the way they look and feel, I’m confident in saying that yoga will help drive personal success and generate creativity, while making each individual strong and healthy in mind and body while leading to an overall balanced life.”

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